Thinking of Losing to Mayang, Fuji Secretly Hunting for Jakarta’s Expensive University Makes Haters nervous?

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After being teased by Mayang’s fans about being nervous, Fuji supporters leaked the allegation that their idols are also considering studying in Jakarta after previously taking leave in Bali.

Fujianti Utami was widely mentioned after Mayang Lucyana Fitri passed to enter International Relations at FISIP, Moestopo University, Jakarta. Mayang’s fans quipped that Fuji would be nervous after learning that Mayang would be studying at a high-class campus.

As if they didn’t accept the attitude of Mayang’s fans, Fuji’s supporters revealed unexpected rumors. Currently, Fuji is on leave at the Udayana Bali Faculty of Law. However, netters leaked that Fuji was looking for the best campus in Jakarta to continue his studies.

Netter then revealed the alleged campus that Fuji was after. Unexpectedly, the campus is Trisakti University whose costs are predicted to be no less expensive than Moestopo.

“Fuji is now moving to Trisakti, you know, min. But I haven’t registered yet, I don’t know because it’s really secret, it doesn’t expose lectures. But suddenly I’ve changed faculties,” said Netter. “Alhamdulillah, he really has to move to Jakarta. For safety too. ❤️ @fuji_an,” exclaimed the netter. “Yes, so it’s faster, it’s better to change universities and you can have the same gala every day. Hopefully, the transfer process can be fast, @fuji_an,” said Netter. “The law of Trisakti is solid there are also many artists and officials who graduated from Trisakti. As an alumni of the old class of Trisakti 2008, I’m proud,” said Netter.

So far, it is not known whether this news is true. To be sure, Fuji still has no sign of finishing his studies. Even so, Fuji targets that he will graduate first before getting married.

“No. There is no young marriage, I want to marry at least 24 years old,” said Vanessa Angel’s sister-in-law. “I also want a title when I get married, yes, when I graduate from college (married).”

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