Ruben Onsu Pushed Too Hard on TV Shows Until He Nyungsep Under The Table, Netizens Flooded Comments

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This time a surprising incident occurred when Ruben Onsu appeared in a show he was starring in, where he was suddenly pushed by a crew into under the table. Of course, this incident made many netizens worried.

1. Ruben Onsu Claims Not Ready

After being pushed too hard to get under the table, Ruben Onsu admitted that he wasn’t really ready to enter the set. He even said the word pain after Ruben Onsu was pushed to the ground.

Even so, Ruben Onsu remained professional and continued his work. But of course, netizens feel that this incident cannot be justified.

2. Ruben Onsu’s Instagram is flooded with comments

Ruben Onsu’s Instagram post was flooded with comments from netizens who were worried about the host’s condition. The reason is, the audience saw that the crew pushed him really too hard.

Some netizens said that Ruben Onsu was better off retiring from the event because the crew didn’t appreciate it. Some also hope that there will be accountability from the crew.

3. Ruben Onsu’s clarification

In a video uploaded by, Ruben Onsu clarified. He revealed that he did not think about what happened to him while filming. Ruben also admitted that he did not have time to file a complaint against the incident because he wanted to focus on his health.

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