Photo Wearing Bikini with Dimas Ahmad, Soraya Rasyid blasphemed by Warganet

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In his upload, he seemed to be enjoying the beauty on the beach with Raffi Ahmad’s brother, Dimas Ahmad.

Interestingly, Soraya Rasyid’s appearance on the beach also stole the attention of netizens, some even got the wrong idea.

Soraya Rasyid Filming on the Beach

Soraya Rasyid did share moments visiting the beach on Instagram social media.

The photo was taken from the moment of shooting the Trans TV show, “Tanah Air Beta”. This event highlights the natural beauty of Indonesia.

But it’s not just the beautiful beach views that are highlighted, the outfit Soraya Rasyid is wearing is no less eye-catching.

While Dimas Ahmad is shirtless, the actress from the film “Preman Pensiun” is wearing a skin color bikini. As a result, he looks like he’s not dressed.

Soraya Rasyid covered the top of her bikini with a blue batik crop top, so that only the bottom was exposed.

Netizens Comment

However, Soraya Rasyid’s bikini managed to make many netizens have a heart attack because they mistakenly thought she was not wearing pants.

“Oh my gosh, the colors are so nyaru,” wrote netizens.

“Choose the right color of pants,” added another.

“The late father is sorry, Sis,” said a netizen.

Soraya Rasyid became famous after hosting the Money Shock program. Previously, he first plunged into the world of acting by starring in several soap operas.

His actions with the participants of the Uang Kaget event were considered funny and entertaining, so that some of them went viral among the public. Until now, Soraya is still active as a presenter on television.*

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