Menganti Beach Kebumen : Beautiful Seaside View Like a Fantasy Country

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Menganti Beach Kebumen

Read More – Menganti Beach Kebumen is one of the hidden beautiful beaches on the island of Java. This beach is indeed not comfortable to use for swimming, but the natural scenery that is presented here seems to make you remember the natural scenery in popular movies, namely “ Lord of the Rings

Menganti Beach Kebumen
Photo by mirandaharyanto

You can laze on the green hills of Menganti Beach, Kebumen and beautiful cliffs bordered by white sand beaches and blue oceans where we will see fishermen sailing to catch fish using traditional boats which are often called Jukung Boats.

Menganti Beach Kebumen
Photo by Abdullah Rudiyanto

You can also eat seafood cuisine at the restaurant located at the location with a budget that is so affordable and fits in your pocket. For 4 people, you can eat delicious seafood for only Rp. 100. 000, – only or Rp. 60. 000,- for each fresh lobster.

You can also climb the hill to the top to see the beautiful natural panorama surrounding Menganti Beach, Kebumen.

Menganti Beach Kebumen
Photo by dhekangara, maulinakusmawardini

The excursion here takes approximately 1.5 hours from Kebumen City, you need to pass through winding roads and quite uphill to reach the location. But don’t be afraid, all of that will pay off when you get there while enjoying the beauty that is served!

Menganti Beach Kebumen
Photo by triaa yaries

Menganti Beach Kebumen
Location: Karangduwur, Father, Karangduwur, Father, Kab. Kebumen, Central Java.
Opening hours: 07.00-17.00 WIB
Accommodation: Candisari Hotel Kebumen, IDR 220. 000,- per night

How to Get There from Jakarta
1) Take the North Kutojaya train to Kebumen via Pasar Senen Station (Budget: IDR 110,000).
2) Rent a car to Karangduwur Village, Kec. Dad, it’s about 1.5 hours transport from Kebumen City (Budget: IDR 250,000,-/day).
Estimated Total PP Travel Fee is around: IDR 470. 000,-

Beach Attractions Changing Kebumen

Menganti Beach Kebumen
Photo by kukun triyono

Before it was developed as a tourist destination, Menganti Beach Kebumen was the landing area for fishing boats that had finished catching fish.

But in 2011 this location was developed as a natural tourist destination even though the initial function of this destination still exists today. Some of the attractions offered include:

1. Panorama of the beautiful Menganti Beach in Kebumen

The initial goal that tourists want to go to Menganti Beach, Kebumen is to feel the beauty of this beach view.

Likewise, Menganti Beach, Kebumen, which has a view that is so enchanting, is surrounded by karst hills which are extraordinarily beautiful. Behind this karst cliff are also hidden large cliffs that add to its exotic nature.

Menganti Beach Kebumen

Photo by Ayu Agustin

The beauty of Menganti Kebumen Beach will increase if you take a walk to the east and southeast of the beach. There is Tanjung Karangbata which is suitable as a spot for selfies or family pictures.

In addition, there is a 20 m high lighthouse that will add to the harmony of the combination of blue sea water and enchanting karst hills and spoil the eyes of visitors who see.

2. Bathing and swimming in the sea

Menganti Beach Kebumen
Photo by mirandaharyanto

One of the activities that you should not skip is bathing or swimming in the sea. The swish of the waves on the beach is not very big because of the limestone hills that can break the waves. You and your family can have fun with this water play activity without worrying about its safety.

3. The white sand is so soft

One of the main attractions of Menganti Kebumen Beach is the white sand and very soft when held.

Menganti Beach Kebumen

Photo by Sugeng Prayitno

You can play with children using this sand or just play with it. You can rent a hut provided to relax while feeling the beach view and rest.

4. Away from the crowd

This case is perfect for those of you who want to escape for a moment from the fatigue of city life that is full of pollution.

Because the location of Menganti Beach in Kebumen is far from residential residents, you can rest calmly and safely. But on holidays you will always find so many tourists visiting this tour.

5. Caves on karst hills and waterfalls

Another spot that you can visit after enjoying the beauty of the beach view is a cave located on a karst hill.

Menganti Beach Kebumen

Photo by Atika Anggiasih

This cave is visited by many pilgrims because it is believed to be the site of the footsteps of Sheikh Maulana Malik Ibrahim or known as Sunan Gresik. Not only that, there are 4 waterfalls that you can visit with a location that is quite far away.

Beach Facilities Changing Kebumen

Menganti Beach Kebumen
Photo by ramadhinasgt

Considering the location of Menganti Beach in Kebumen is a position developed by the local government as a tourist destination, so the facilities provided are also quite sufficient, including:

::There are bathrooms and toilets
::There is a prayer room
::Adequate parking zone
::Food stalls and kiosks
::There are lodging places such as villas and homestays

That’s the signkat review about “The Beach of Menganti Kebumen: Beautiful Seaside Views Like a Fantasy Country” Are you interested in exploring this exotic and full of surprises?


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