Glancing at Aunt Atien’s Pose Lying on the Mattress, Soft!

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Selebgram, Atien Simon, who is popularly called Tante Atien, is currently a hit among Instagram social media users.

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Her figure who dares to indulge in body goals, supported by a seductively beautiful face and smooth white skin makes her the target of admirers of female beauty.

Atien Simon or Aunt Atien (photo: Instagram @atiensimon)

It’s not difficult to get a sexy photo of Aunt Atien. Through her Instagram account @atiensimon, the owner’s full name Margaretha Tien likes to wear minimalist clothes.

Naturally, the name Aunt Atien is often mentioned by netizens as one of the women who unites the nation.

Atien Simon or Aunt Atien (photo: Instagram @atiensimon)

Meaki is already four years old, but her appearance is no less attractive than teenage girls.

One of Aunt Atien’s poses that is often hunted by netizens is the pose lying on the bed.

Atien Simon or Aunt Atien (photo: Instagram @atiensimon)

This pose has become the celebrity’s favorite style. Glancing from his Instagram page, he exhibited a number of photos lying down and invited many subtle comments, especially the adams.

Not only in sleeping clothes or pajamas, Aunt Atien also often wears a tank top, g-string, and only covers her body with a blanket.

Atien Simon or Aunt Atien (photo: Instagram @atiensimon)


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