Elsa Constructs an Evil Plan, Destroys Sal and His Girlfriend

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Elsa has an evil plan to destroy the relationship between Sal and his girlfriend, Sienna, who is on a long-distance date, aka LDR.

Apparently, Elsa just found out that Sal is the girlfriend of her former model friend who now lives in Australia.

This was known when Elsa saw Sienna’s upload through her social media. “This is Sal. So Sal is Sienna’s boyfriend,” said Elsa in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, Monday (11/7/2022).

Furthermore, Elsa messaged Sienna via Instagram DM. Elsa asks how Sienna is in Australia.

“Hi Sienna, long time no see. Are you still in Australia? When are you coming back to Indonesia,” wrote Elsa’s message to Sienna.

“Hello Elsa, long time no see. Don’t know when to return to Indonesia,” wrote Sienna.

Knowing that Sal is Sienna’s lover, Elsa then plots her evil intentions. Elsa intends to destroy Sal and Sienna’s relationship by pitting them against each other.

“I think it’s going to be fun, Sal turns out to be Sienna’s girlfriend, my model friend, and now Sal is at Pondok Pelita, he doesn’t know if he lives there or just plays. But I think he’s there more often. Wow, this game is getting more fun,” said Elsa.

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