6 The Sacrifice Behind This Cool Photo Makes Applause

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There are many ways that can be done to make the photos look good and cool. One way is to pay attention to the angle of taking photos. A good shooting angle will make the photo more precise and aesthetic.

But sometimes, the angle of taking photos is not always easy to do. As pointed out by the Twitter account @Nyl0307 on Friday (31/7/2020). The Twitter account hilariously shows behind the scenes when taking photos with the body towards the back.

Taking this sacrificial photo immediately went viral on social media. Until now, the upload has received 534 replies, 21.8 thousand retweets and 63 thousand likes. Many netizens then also sent photos of similar sacrifices which made the post even more viral.

Curious, what are the sacrifices behind the cool photos? Here Liputan6.com summarizes from various sources, the sacrifices behind the cool photos, Tuesday (4/8/2020).

1. It hurts to see your legs bend like that.

2. Sacrifice is always directly proportional to the results. Cheers sis!

3. Well, how about a photo of the cake?

4. Gosh, why are these women taking photos under coconut leaves?

5. As long as you don’t fall backwards, sis.

6. Even in public places, selfie poses must still be done.

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