Water Park SKI Bogor: A Complete Vacation For The Whole Family With A Variety Of Charming Rides

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Water Park SKI Bogor

– For you, the Katulampa Dam could be the same as the floodgates that always protect the city of Jakarta from flooding. But the color here is also a complete recreational vehicle for families, namely: Water Park SKI.

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This 3 hectare area is full of interesting activities for families. Children will certainly feel at home for long activities in the waterpark with the freshness of the water, various skating arenas, and the natural panorama of Mount Salak which stands firmly and proudly in the south.

Water Park SKI Bogor
Photo by fathularief88

You can also feel the freshness of the air while pedaling a water bike or doing an exciting excursion on a trampoline, riding a kart or riding a pony. How about racing in a giant clear ball floating on water? Do you want to try it?

Water Park SKI Bogor
Photo by rossa. ahmad, mama_kevan

Water Park SKI Bogor
Photo by reeza_p8

This tourist destination also offers interesting derma tourism for you, you know. Various snacks typical of the city of Bogor such as unyil bread, typical Bogor pickles, batagor, dumplings, fried bean sprouts, and many more are also served here. Go on a culinary trip after an adventure? Why not?

When it comes to shopping tourism, Water Park SKI was originally a center for bags, shoes, and clothes in Bogor. So there’s no need to ask about quality, options, and prices!

Water Park SKI Bogor
Photo by siti_suryaningsih, asri_odi

Water Park SKI Bogor

HTM: IDR 60. 000
Location: SKI Tajur Tour, Jalan. Raya Katulampa No. 06, East Bogor, Bogor.
Contact:( 0251) 839 0513
Opening Hours: 08.00–17.00

The Attraction of Bogor SKI Rides

1. Water Park
Children are always happy when invited to play with water, at SKI Bogor there is a fairly large waterpark zone equipped with 4 pools and some cool and exciting water rides.

Water Park SKI Bogor
Photo by siti_suryaningsih, delila_sarbunan
The pool has various depths ranging from shallow to deep. Water rides that have a kind of spill bucket, stream pool, and some fun slides.

There is also a tire rental here that you can use to try out the current pool or for you to use when trying to skate from a height.

2. Shopping
Destinations that make women smile more cheerfully, namely places for shopping (Shopping, you know). At SKI Bogor there is a place for you to shop for bags, shoes and clothes.

Water Park SKI Bogor

Photo by Kukuh Nur Faizal

When entering the store area you will see a row of nicely lined shoes. Which is there for anyone from children to adults. With a variety of models to the price that is served.

Not only shoes, there are also rows of women’s bags made from leather to synthetic materials that are neatly lined up. You can choose the shape or model you want.

3. Mini Zoo
Waterpark SKI Bogor provides a place for children to understand various types of animals ranging from primate species to birds. Moreover, there is also a zone called Saung Kelinci, where children can play with cute rabbits.

Water Park SKI Bogor

Photo by Andrian Widori

What always gets the attention of tourists is the desire to see the Arapaima Gigas fish that comes from the Amazon River. This fish has a very large form, and is quite vicious.

You can invite children to feed the fish, by taking fish feed first at a price of Rp. 2. 000,- only. Cheap right? Moreover, you can see them so enthusiastic when feeding these fish.

4. Outbound and Restaurant

Water Park SKI Bogor

Photo by Tyas

There are so many other exciting game rides available at Sumber Karya Indah (SKI) Bogor, there are at least 18 games that you can explore, along with the list:

Mini Train, Fishing Children, Windmill, Paddler Boat, Mini Rickshaw, Flying Fox, UFO Coaster, Bungee Trampoline, Rabbit House, Hiber-Land, Angry Bird, Funny Scooter, Robot, Tour Bike, Balloon Palace, Horse Riding, Waterball , Mini Buggy.

Water Park SKI Bogor

Photo by wismapakuansyaria

After you are satisfied with trying all the available rides, your stomach will growl. There are many dining areas that serve delicious and tempting Sundanese specialties, such as lead rice, Bogor Soto, Sayur Asem, and other dining menus.

Not only heavy meals, here there are also quite complete snack stands. Such as fried toge, unyil bread, asinan Bogor and others.

That’s the signkat review about “Water Park SKI Bogor: Complete Vacation for the Whole Family With Various Charming Rides Treats” Are you interested in visiting this exotic place?


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