Maria Vania’s Pose while Casual in Mini Dress, Makes Focus Failed

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Presenter and sports instructor, Maria Vania

Maria Vania’s Pose while Casual in Mini Dress on the Golf Course, Makes Focus Failed

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There is no doubt about the beauty and sexiness of the presenter and celebrity body of Maria Vania.

He is known as a celebrity who is the prima donna of netizens on Instagram.

Maria Vania’s popularity has skyrocketed.

Yes, apart from being an artist and presenter, the beautiful girl is also active on Instagram as a celebrity.

Until now, the woman who is familiarly called Vania already has 3.8 million followers on Instagram.

He is known to often look sexy with his bold poses on social media.

Presenter and sports instructor, Maria Vania (Instagram Maria Vania)

Even so, Vania looks indifferent to the words of people who call themselves showing off their bodies.

Vania is indeed active in sharing her activities with interesting poses that make netizens focus on her.

Moreover, her body which is called ‘body goals’ is the target of netizens when opening the 30-year-old woman’s Instagram feeds.

As uploaded on November 28, 2021, the beautiful virgin shared her portrait on the golf course.

Whereas before, Vania rarely played the small ball game.

He didn’t forget to share the moment with his back to the camera.

But he turned his head and flashed his trademark smile.

The presenter of ‘Take It or Leave It’ appeared wearing a green set.

The top is a sleeveless shirt like a bra.

While her subordinates combined a mini skirt that showed her long legs.

Portrait of Maria Vania in mini dress

Portrait of Maria Vania in mini dress (Instagram/maria_vaniaa)

For shoes, Vania chose white sneakers to make her appearance look sporty.

She looks beautiful with natural makeup on her face.

Her long black hair flowed freely back.

The outfit and make up she wore made Vania’s appearance even more charming.

Plus, his exposed waist made netizens envious in total.

Her curves look perfect wrapped in her clothes at that time.

“Hopefully seeing it become as fresh as vegetables,” wrote Vania complete with vegetable emoticons.

Maria Vania’s charm almost never fails to amaze netizens.

No wonder the photos uploaded by Maria Vania on her personal Instagram are never empty of netizen comments.

Like the photo above, netizens immediately stormed the upload comment column.

Some of them said they were immediately refreshed by seeing Vania’s pose.

Many also imagine Vania to be green food or drink.

“It’s fresh to see the papaya, Ms. Vania,” wrote the netizen.

“It’s really fresh, ahhh these eyes,” said another.

“More to this sie avocado juice,” said the netizen.

“Very fresh,” said another.

It is known that Maria Vania started her career as a presenter on the Sambanesia and Destination Brazil shows which aired on TV One.

Maria Vania’s skills in hosting sports-themed events have made her career even more brilliant.

His name also skyrocketed after he brought various sports programs during the 2014 World Cup.

The presenter apparently started his career as a model first.

She often participates in various modeling contests and has won several modeling events held in Jakarta and Bandung.

Like when Maria Vania won 1st place in Aneka Yess.

Maria also often graces health magazines such as Mens Health Magazine, Fitness For Men, Male Magazine, and Popular Magazine.

The woman who was born in Bandung on April 16, 1991 also continues to spread her wings to the Indonesian screen. He had pursued the world of acting in several FTV titles such as ‘Cinta Fitri’ and ‘Islam KTP’.


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