Aunt Ernie’s Bikini Dreamy Wearing Transparent Clothing, Netizens: My Brain Is Rumbling

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AUNT Ernie make a scene by uploading the latest sexy photo on his personal Instagram, himynameisernie.

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Aunt Ernie posing in transparent clothes on the beach!

Aunt Ernie is usually said to be one of the most popular beautiful celebrities today.

Her charm at the age of 45 seems to have its own allure for netizens, especially men.

Aunt Ernie

This time, it’s her sexy charm that makes netizens fail to focus. Wearing a black transparent dress, Aunt Ernie’s orange bikini looked dreamy.

Posing like a stranded mermaid, Aunt Ernie’s body goals, which are like a Spanish guitar, are even more obvious.

Her pose under the hot sun of the beach was so tempting.

Her sexy appearance is complemented by sunglasses accessories.

The style of the mother of three children is not only sexy, but also stylish.

Meanwhile, this photo is a vacation moment for Aunt Ernie some time ago. Aunt Ernie revealed that she missed going on vacation to the beach.

“I miss having fun again,” said the woman who was dubbed the Unifying Aunt of the Nation by the netizen.

Netizens themselves mostly fail to focus on Aunt Ernie’s sexy appearance rather than commenting on her idol’s caption.

The comment column for Aunt Ernie’s stranded pose style photo was also busy with netizens’ tweets that failed to focus!

“The city’s favorite!!!,” exclaimed***

“Aunt mermaid 😍,” commented @tutdej***

“Wow!!! Sooooo sexy ❤️❤️❤️❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥😍😍😍👏👏👏,” said @minini***

“Watch out for crocodile tants,” said @shidiqbooott ***

“Oh my god why is my otaku rumbling like this,” said


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