Widi Mulia Pregnant with 4th Child, Dwi Sasono: Thank You and Happy Mother

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Dwi shared the news through uploads on his personal Instagram. The upload shows portraits of Dwi and Widi and their three children on vacation in Bali.

Dwi then expressed his happiness after his wife was pregnant again. He hopes that his wife and baby will always be healthy.

“Thank you and happy mother. May mother @widimulia and the fetus always be healthy,” wrote Dwi on Instagram quoted on Friday (8/7).

The 42-year-old actor is well aware that pregnancy is not an easy thing for women. However, on the other hand, Dwi also considers that pregnancy is the most beautiful gift.

“I know pregnancy is something that is not easy and there will be challenges in the future, but I believe your pregnancy is the most beautiful gift for all of us,” said Dwi.

One of the stars of the sitcom Neighbors of the Past? She is also grateful that God has given her to have children again.

“I am grateful that we are both still given the trust to be more responsible by the Almighty,” said Dwi.

In addition, Dwi and his three children will always try to be there for Widi and the baby.

“Me, Dru, Widuri, and Den will always be there for you and our future younger siblings,” wrote Dwi.

“We love you mom and sister, cheers!,” he concluded.

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