The disappearance of Arya Saloka in the Love Bond Triggers Ammar Zoni’s separation signal from Deva Mahenra, this is a fact

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Ammar Zoni’s fate in the Love Association was questioned, instead he was accused of following Arya Saloka leaving Amanda Manopo.

After the emergence of a new player in the Association of Love, namely Deva Mahenra, is it true?

Yes, these are all effects of Ammar Zoni’s uploads which were highlighted by Ikatan Cinta fans because they wrote parting words.

Ammar Zoni wrote the word ‘Bye’ in his latest Instagram account.

Then it was as if all of this had something to do with after Arya Saloka said goodbye.

Now his latest video on Instagram is in the spotlight, when Ammar Zoni uploads a video sitting on the grass.

Wearing a blue suit and a white t-shirt inside, Ammar Zoni was seen sitting among the grass.

The video was uploaded by Ammar Zoni on Tuesday (5/7/2022) with the background song No Role Modelz from J.Cole.

On the upload, Ammar Zoni only gave a caption that read: “Bye ..”

Suddenly the upload invited many comments from netizens.

Many speculate that the word Bye which means Goodbye, Ammar Zoni will leave the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

“Don’t give up on IC, Ammar.. keep the spirit, Ammar Zoni, whatever your work is waiting for the next breakthrough Ammar Zon”

“Between sad and happy, if it’s already out of IC, it’s also not a problem, hopefully there will be other projects going forward, keep it up, my brother”

“So lazy to watch IC if you go out”

“If ddy amar has finished at the IC of deh, let’s see if there is a new senet project that is more challenging”

Previously with the same outfit, Ammar uploaded a photo which also reaped many comments.

The photo, which shows him sitting on the ground with his pants with dirty knees, contains the caption:

“dirty clothes are better than dirty minds :)”

Yes, it is known that Ammar Zoni is part of the Love Association.

Well, in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, Ammar Zoni plays the role of Amar.

Even Ammar Zoni is said to be Nino’s attorney.

At the beginning of the story, Ammar Zoni is on the opposite side of Andin (Amanda Manopo).

But this time Ammar Zoni is told to be on Andin’s side.

Because it was revealed that Ammar Zoni was not a person who replaced Aldebaran (Arya Saloka).

In the Love Bond bumper video circulating on social media, Deva Mahenra is seen.

Deva Mahenra who is told as Aldebaran’s cousin.

While Ammar Zoni is seen on the latest bumper of the Love Association.

Ammar Zoni has indeed become part of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta after Arya Saloka chose to leave.

Ammar Zoni had played an antagonist in Ikatan Cinta.

However, Ammar’s character has changed for the better and is getting closer to Andin’s character, played by Amanda Manopo.

Even in a scene, Ammar was caught saving Andin from Riky (Rendy John) who was trying to hurt Andin.

Changes in the character of Ammar’s character in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta raises several allegations that Ammar will replace the figure of Arya Saloka.

However, recently the soap opera Ikatan Cinta has announced a new name that is strongly suspected to be a replacement for Arya Saloka

The actor is Deva Mahenra who plays Aldebaran’s cousin named Sal.

Appearance of Deva Mahenra

The figure of Arya Saloka is still a concern for fans of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

The soap opera starring Amanda Manopo presents a new player, namely Deva Mahenra as Sal.

It turned out that Deva Mahenra’s first appearance as Sal in Ikatan Cinta attracted the attention of the audience.

Yes, the figure of Deva Mahenra is a new player in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, which previously starred Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo.

Now, Deva Mahenra is touted as a replacement for Arya Saloka even though he does not play Aldebaran.

It was proven that on Sunday (3/7/2022) night, Ikatan Cinta was able to get TVR 5.9 & SHARE 25.3.

This figure is an increase compared to the performance of the Love Association on Saturday.

Whereas in the Sunday night broadcast, the character played by Deva Mahenra only appeared briefly as an introduction to the audience of Ikatan Cinta.

It is interesting to see whether the presence of Deva Mahenra will make the Love Bonds victorious like when Arya Saloka still existed?

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