Sule and Nathalie Holscher Divorce, Maia Estianty is widely blamed and held accountable

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Artist and musician Maia Estianty is often blamed for the chaos in the household of Sule and Nathalie Holscher. The husband and wife divorce is strongly suspected because the podcast Maia Estianty with Putri Delina went viral.

Al Ghazali’s latest post on Instagram was immediately flooded with comments. They demanded that Maia Estianty be held responsible.

“Finish what you have done, how to straighten it out,” said @dhyta_glow.

“It all started with a podcast here, there was a broken household,” said @aliinn.10.

“Indirectly bridging the damage to other people’s households. For the sake of money, bund,” added @is_random78.

“Congratulations, bun, for successfully making a convert to a widow,” continued @dheny.ajha.

However, there are also netizens who defend Maia Estianty.

“The name is podcast, there must be a question and answer between the owner and the guest star. Why blame Maia’s mother,” wrote @fithpattimura.

As is known, Nathalie Holscher has officially filed for divorce from the Cikarang Religious Court. There, she demanded a divorce, custody and child support.

The conflict began after Putri Delina’s story on the Maia Estianty podcast went viral. Sule’s son admits to being lonely and says Nathalie Holscher has never apologized to him.

This apology is related to the action of Nathalie Holscher who ran away from home in 2021. Putri Delina said the incident made her netizens bullied.

After the events of this podcast, Nathalie Holscher chose to leave the Sule house. He said that the husband could not be a mediator between him and Putri Delina.

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