No wonder it’s similar, Sal turns out to be Aldebaran’s twin, Mama Rosa keeps it a secret because this is a love bond

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The drama Ikatan Cinta, probably tells about the origin of Sal Pradipta who turns out to be Mama Rosa’s biological child.

In the previous episode, Sal had come from Australia. He arrived in Jakarta and immediately made a pilgrimage to the graves of his parents.

In addition to praying for his parents, Sal also visited the graves of Hartawan Alfahri and Roy.

Sal joined in praying that the late Hartawan and Roy could rest in peace there. Sal also did not forget to be very grateful for Hartawan’s help during his life.

Thanks to Hartawan’s services, Sal was able to become a successful person and run a business abroad, to be precise in the Kangaroo Country.

Sal then returned to Pondok Pelita to meet Mama Rosa. Sal looked shocked because he was immediately confronted with a traumatized Reyna.

Sal also managed to make Reyna feel more secure and comfortable. Sal’s ability to seduce small children turned out to be effective enough to tame Reyna.

Even Reyna was invited by Sal to come to the pet shop to buy a cat and Reyna would adopt it.

Sal is actually afraid of cats, but for Reyna’s sake he wants to come to the pet shop and take Reyna to adopt a cat.

Unexpectedly, the cat that was being petted by Sal jumped and ran away.

As a result, Sal and Reyna and Mirna immediately chased the cat who had fled outside the pet shop.

Suddenly Nino caught the cat and made Reyna happy. Reyna also greeted her good uncle.

Nino wondered who the man with Reyna was.

Sal with his humble style, immediately introduced himself to Nino.

In another scene, Mama Rosa looks panicked because she is worried that the secret she has been holding on to herself will be exposed too.

In last night’s episode, Sal finally decided to handle the company of the late Aldebaran after getting persuasion from Mama Rosa.

Sal could not refuse Mama Rosa’s request to acquire the company that Andin is currently handling.

Sal will also ask for help from Rendy to find out more about the condition of the company that is experiencing the collapse.

So what’s the next story? Exactly what is the secret that Mama Rosa is hiding regarding Sal’s origins.

Maybe Mama Rosa could finally no longer keep secrets about Sal. Mama Rosa is honest that Sal is Mama Rosa and Hartawan’s biological child.

Sal is the twin of Aldebaran. However, Mama Rosa and Hartawan were forced to let Sal be adopted by his parents first.

The reason was because at that time Hartawan and Mama Rosa were in conflict. The rich are caught having an affair until their household is on the verge of collapse.

Not wanting her children to become victims, Mama Rosa finally gave Sal to her adoptive parents.

At that time Roy was not there. Mama Rosa could take care of Aldebaran, but not with Sal at that time.

But tragedy ensued, where Sal’s adoptive parents had an accident and died. As a result, Mama Rosa could not help but bring Sal back to Pondok Pelita.

However, Mama Rosa couldn’t explain Sal’s true origins because Sal was still a child and his adoptive parents asked Mama Rosa not to reveal the truth about Sal.

Curious about the next story, watch the full soap opera Ikatan Cinta tonight on RCTI.

The soap opera Ikatan Cinta is airing again tonight on RCTI starting at 20.00 WIB, if there is no change in broadcast hours.

Attention, some of this content is only a prediction of the upcoming episode of Ikatan Cinta story and is not meant to precede the content of the story. This article only aims to entertain the loyal audience of Ikatan Cinta.

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