Gilang Dirga and Adiezty Fersa Hold the First Son’s Akikah

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The boy, named Gin Dirga, was born on Wednesday (1/6) at Brawijaya Hospital, Brawijaya Hospital, South Jakarta.

“Because in our opinion aqikah is a sacred thing,” said Gilang Dirga in a press release.

The ceremony was held quite lively by inviting orphans. The event was broadcast live on national television and Adiezgilang’s YouTube channel.

By holding this akikah event, Gilang and Adiezty hope that their son can grow up to be a proud child.

“Let’s pray together. Hopefully Baby Gin Dirga who is married will grow up to be a pious, healthy, intelligent child and become the pride of the family. And Sis Gilang and his family will be blessed with blessings,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Gilang Dirga and Adiezty Fersa got married on September 18, 2016 ago at Balai Samudera, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

In the 4th year of their marriage, Gilang and Adiezty were blessed with their first son, Gin Dirga. The presence of his first son was certainly a very happy thing.

The reason, Adiezty is known to have had several miscarriages. However, in the fifth year of marriage, their wait paid off sweetly.

Akikah was held and entrusted to the Bekasi branch of ‘Aqiqah Nurul Hayat’. “And documentation and news of the event were sent directly to the Gilang Dirga family,” said Alvin Bramanta, Aqiqah Nurul Hayat’s Digital Marketing Manager.

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