Ariel NOAH Becomes a Store Employee, the Voice of the Woman Served Makes Salfok: Shock but Sighs

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“Is it suitable for me to be a staff? My name is Abdul,” said Ariel while showing his appearance wearing a shirt that reads ‘staff’.

Ariel then started the action by helping a friend who worked behind the cashier.

One by one the visitors who were present began to recognize Ariel. However, Ariel denied that he was Ariel NOAH.

“No, I’m Abdul,” said Ariel NOAH.

Then, at another moment, Ariel tries to serve visitors who want to buy a watch. The woman who was served by Ariel was immediately shocked.

Several times the woman took a deep breath. However, he finally calmed down and asked Ariel to take pictures.

Netizens immediately froze when they saw Ariel NOAH’s moment serving the shop’s customers. However, there are also netizens who highlight the reactions of women who are served by Ariel when they want to buy a watch.

“Auto amnesia (meeting Ariel) if I was… Definitely asking for a photo with Boril,” wrote a netizen.

“My sister’s voice is shocked but sighs,” commented another netizen.

“I’m jealous because I can only watch, even though I’m a fan of Ariel from 17 years ago,” added another netizen.

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