Ammar Tells This to Andin When Saying Goodbye To Aldebaran’s Wife Regrets in the Love Bond

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Hearing Ammar’s words, Andin immediately regretted it but promised this to the lawyer.

Previously, Yolanda seemed to have just woken up from her sleep even though it was already daytime.

At the same time, Yolanda received a phone call from Wanda, Ammar Mahendra’s mother.

However, the phone was not answered immediately because Yolanda was confused about what to answer about Ammar.

Not long after, Wanda called again and Yolanda picked up.

As expected, Wanda asked Ammar’s current condition. Yolanda also replied that Ammar was fine.

Yolanda conveyed this according to Ammar’s request because she did not want her mother to worry.

Long story short, Yolanda returned to the hospital to look after Ammar Mahendra.

In addition, the hospital has also called Yolanda because there are things that need to be discussed regarding the development of Ammar’s condition.

Yolanda immediately rushed to see a doctor. He received a report that Ammar had to undergo intensive treatment.

The doctor also suggested that Ammar undergo treatment abroad which has adequate facilities.

Hearing this, Yolanda intended to convey this to Ammar Mahendra.

Unexpectedly, in front of the ICU room there were still Papa Surya, Mama Rosa and Andin who had just finished visiting Ammar.

Then Andin asked about the results of the doctor’s examination regarding Ammar.

Yolanda also told what the doctor said, Al’s wife also agreed that Nino’s lawyer should go abroad for his recovery.

On the other hand, Ammar gets a call from Wanda’s mother who is worried about her son’s condition.

Ammar finally honest with his mother about his current condition, besides that lawyer Nino also told about Andin.

Hearing Ammar’s tone made Mrs. Wanda believe that her son had feelings for Andin.

Ammar also confirmed Mrs. Wanda’s allegations, but she admitted that she could not reveal it because Andin considered himself only a colleague.

Ammar promised his mother that he would go to Switzerland and receive treatment there.

However, deep down Ammar is still in a dilemma because he thinks about Andin and Yolanda.

Yolanda, who happened to be in the ICU room, admitted that she was sincere with Ammar’s departure abroad for the sake of her boss’s recovery.

Tonight is likely to be broadcast, Yolanda takes care of Ammar’s needs to go to Switzerland.

At that time, Yolanda was accompanied by Rendy because he had a little difficulty when he had to take care of it himself.

Knowing about Ammar’s departure abroad, Rendy told Andin about the purpose of Ammar’s departure to Andin.

Long story short, all the requirements have been met and Ammar is ready to go abroad.

Before leaving, Ammar asked Yolanda one request, which was to meet Andin first.

Because of this, Yolanda immediately contacted Andin and asked to come to the hospital before Ammar left.

Out of pity, Andin agreed to Ammar’s request and went straight to the hospital.

At that time Ammar again apologized to Andin for giving a bad impression at the beginning of the meeting.

Ammar also thanked Andin for making himself aware of all good things.

As usual, Andin responded casually and only gave Ammar a little motivation to get well soon.

At that time, Ammar expressed his feelings to Andin, where he actually loved Andin.

But Ammar said that it was only his feelings and was unable to convey it because he appreciated Aldebaran even though he wasn’t there.

Ammar also said that he was ready to give anything to Andin, including giving up his body and soul as long as Andin was safe.

hearing this, Andin immediately shed tears hearing Ammar’s conversation.

However, because he still hopes for Aldebaran to return, Andin only asks Ammar to focus on his health first and not to think about other things, including himself.

On the other hand, Andin also regrets that he always ignores Ammar’s offer, who intends to provide special care.

Andin is also aware that Ammar is not a selfish person as he previously knew.

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Attention, this article contains reviews of previous episodes and predictions of the next Love Bond story, aims to entertain and does not mean to precede the contents of the story.

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