The beauty of Maia Estianty is compared to Queen Cleopatra

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The beauty of Maia Estianty makes netizens feel on stage when they see it.

This was revealed by netizens when they saw a photo uploaded by Maia Estianty on her personal Instagram account on Sunday (3/7/2022).

At that time, Maia Estianty appeared in bold make-up with slightly brown eyes.

This kind of make-up is rarely used by Maia Estianty when she is on stage so that it is able to make their netizens stunned.

Moreover, Maia Estianty at that time deliberately styled her shoulder-length short hair like European women.

Don’t forget Maia Estianty looks so beautiful when she wears a top with a short-sleeved circle motif.

As for the subordinates, it can be seen that Maia Estianty wears a white skirt with a fairly high slit.

On this occasion Maia Estianty gave a deep message through the caption she wrote.

That there is no such thing as perfect or truly evil though.

Because there will always be a bright spot in a circle of darkness.

This is also true in a life that seems good and perfect when in reality it is not.

Even in an event that is considered bad, there will always be lessons and bright spots to be gained.

“In a white circle there is always a black dot and in a black circle there is always a white dot. In a life that seems good there are always imperfections and in an event that seems bad, there will always be good and good wisdom. That yin and yang is perfect,” he wrote.

It didn’t take long for the upload to be immediately filled with a number of netizen comments.

Most of the netizens were so fascinated by the appearance of Irwan Mussry’s wife.

This is because netizens have never seen Maia Estianty dress up so that she looks foreign. But instead radiates beauty.

So on that occasion so many netizens admitted that they almost couldn’t believe it was Maia Estianty as the mother of 3 beautiful children.

“Oh my, is this Mother Maya? Masha Allah, you are already beautiful, but honestly, the truth is this is the best look and make up on you lovely. You really look out for me, well done, Mother,” wrote one netizen.

Then on that occasion there were also so many compliments from netizens if Maia Estianty looked really beautiful.

Paired with Queen Cleopatra

From the netizen’s point of view, if you look like that, Maia Estianty is actually called Cleopatra, an Egyptian queen who is so legendary.

“Wow, it’s like Cleopatra,” praised another netizen.

In addition, netizens feel that the appearance of this make-up series actually makes Maia Estianty look younger. Moreover, with the radiance of happiness that is clearly visible on his face.

“The younger the more beautiful and the happier, Mother Maya is always healthy,” said netizens.

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