STARTLING! Pradipta’s name turns out to be an abbreviation of Pratama Adicipta, Sal’s bad intentions are revealed, the bond of love

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However, now it is beginning to be revealed that the name Sal Pradipta has something to do with the figure of Irvan.

As is known, Irvan is Sofia’s younger sister, Papa Surya’s first wife and Andin’s biological mother.

Before revealing these facts, read last night’s review so that there are no misunderstandings.

Previously, Sal told Mama Rosa that he would come to Jakarta to run a business trip.

Before sal came, Mama Rosa made a pilgrimage to the graves of Roy, Hartawan and Sal’s parents.

In front of the graves of Sal’s parents, Mama Rosa apologized for what had happened in the past.

However, it is not yet known what the problem is because Mama Rosa did not reveal it.

Mama Rosa also had time to mutter in her heart that Sal had not known the secret until now.

Long story short, Sal finally arrived in Jakarta. Sal’s arrival was welcomed by the Pondok Pelita family.

Especially with his kindness he managed to make Reyna come back and began to recover from her trauma due to Ricky.

On the other hand, Andin is facing a serious problem. He has to take care of Reyna as well as Aldebaran’s company, which is currently in decline.

Recently, Rendy came to Pondok Pelita to talk about the company’s problems that never found a solution.

At that time Andin immediately invited Rendy to go straight to his office.

But Mama Rosa actually asked for time to chat together in her room.

Mama Rosa then spoke to Andin and offered an option for Sal to help his company.

Andin wanted Sal to help him, but he also doubted whether Aldebaran’s cousin would mind and be willing.

Mama Rosa herself doesn’t know if Sal wants to help her take care of PT Aldebaran Sejahtera.

Until finally, Mama Rosa asked Sal to talk to him for help.

Mama Rosa immediately expressed her intention to ask Sal for help in handling the inherited company from Hartawan.

this is actually a strange thing because Mama Rosa immediately entrusted Sal to handle everything.

In fact, Mama Rosa doesn’t know more about Sal’s character in managing the company because she hasn’t seen it directly.

Likewise with Sal, without any doubt he immediately accepted the offer only on the grounds that the company was inherited from Hartawan.

However, now it will be revealed that Sal’s purpose was to come to Jakarta and stop at Pondok Pelita because he wanted to get it.

Sal also has evil intentions to destroy the company’s hereditary inheritance as a form of revenge against the Alfahri family.

This was revealed from Sal’s long name as Pradipta.

The name Pradipta is an abbreviation of Pratama Adicipta.

Indirectly, this Sal could be the first child of Irvan Pratama Adicipta as well as the older sister of Jessica Annabella Adicipta.

Sal wants to take revenge because as far as he knows, his parents died because of Aldebaran’s actions.

In fact, Irvan died as a form of atonement for his sins to Mama Rosa and forced his way into the fire until he finally died.

Besides, Sal will take revenge because Jessica slandered if Mama Rosa didn’t take good care of her.

Therefore he went to Australia to continue his studies and continued Irvan’s company from there.

Jessica conveyed this to her sister, Sal, which made Irvan’s first child very angry with Mama Rosa.

However, being an intelligent person, Sal did exactly what his father had done to Mama Rosa at that time.

As is known, Irvan will take revenge on Mama Rosa and Aldebaran because they think that Sofia was hit and run by Hartawan.

In addition, Irvan’s emotions peaked after he found out that someone who was sent by Mama Rosa, named Dennis Setiano, raped Jessica.

how’s the story going? Keep watching the soap opera Ikatan Cinta again airing tonight on RCTI starting at 20.05 WIB, if there is no change in broadcast hours.

Attention, some of this content is only a prediction of the upcoming episode of Ikatan Cinta story and is not meant to precede the content of the story. This article only aims to entertain the loyal audience of Ikatan Cinta.

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