Once Viral, Ade Londok Now Sleeps On The Side Of The Road

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Ade Londok has become a public conversation on social media after his action promoting viral odading.

He even had time to be one of the people who were often invited by television stations to become a culinary ambassador for West Java.

However, after a long time, the fate of Ade Londok has not been highlighted again because it is not as beautiful as it used to be.

Ade Londok Becomes a Tailor

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Had gone viral in the world of social media while promoting Mang By’s odading in mid-2020,

Now Ade Londok’s name is dim and has never been seen on the rich screen because of his alleged impolite attitude.

Recently there was a short video uploaded via Tiktok social media which revealed the latest news of Ade Londok.

In the short video clip, it seems that Ade Londok is no longer a comedian, but works as a tailor on the side of the road.

“Artists are sad like this,” wrote the caption in Sundanese, on the cheprietzofficial85 Tiktok account. Tuesday (05/07/2022).

Ade Londok Sleeps on the Roadside

Furthermore, Ade Londok seemed to be fast asleep on the floor wearing a black shirt and shorts, fast asleep, his body not resting on any ground, only using a head pillow.

Suddenly the video sparked positive and negative responses from netizens. Many of them thought this incident was just an ordeal.

“For example, you can keep your mouth and attitude good. God willing, the luck will be smooth,” commented netizens.

“His choice of life, he himself said it was more calm to be an ordinary person,” added another netizen.

“May Allah elevate him,” said another.

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