Dinar Candy Pose ‘Hot’ Front and Back, Netizens: Just as Beautiful and Bohai

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Dinar Candy re-uploaded a tempting pose in tight clothes, so netizens had a hard time choosing to like the front or back pose.

Artist and DJ, Dinar Candy has uploaded a tantalizing photo in front of netizens.

This can be seen in a new photo that was changed by Dinar Candy on his personal Instagram account on Tuesday (5/7/2022).

On this occasion, it can be seen that Dinar Candy wears clothes that are so sexy and seductive.

The lover of Ridho Divine also appeared in a very sexy and seductive pose, not only in terms of the clothes she was wearing.

Because Dinar Candy at that time was wearing clothes made of latex which were so tight when he wore it.

The blue outfit is also sleeveless and spaghetti straps.

And only reaches half a thigh when used by Dinar Candy.

So tight, the clothes when forming the chest area are used by this Candy Dinar.

Not to forget, Dinar Candy’s half-back hair is perfectly styled with bangs that are her trademark.

At that time Dinar Candy chose to pose with a sideways position and a slightly glancing face towards the back.

Dinar Candy asked netizens whether he was good from the front position or the back position.

At the same time he wanted to ask netizens about the likes of netizens seeing this uploaded photo.

“Do you like the front or the back?” he wrote.

It didn’t take long, of course, the upload was immediately filled with various netizen comments.

Among them are many netizens who admit that they actually like the front and back, especially the various photos uploaded by Dinar Candy.

Because according to netizens from various poses, of course, it will increasingly show the beauty of this Sexy DJ.

Then on that occasion there were also netizens who said that they also like the tilted pose of Dinar Candy.

It doesn’t matter if it only shows the front or back.

“Front and back are still okay.”

“I like that there are both front and back pose gardens,” said another netizen.

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Dinar Candy Pose ‘Hot’ Front and Back, Netizens: Just as Beautiful and Bohai

Netizens Confused to Choose

Then on that occasion there were also netizens who stated that when viewed from behind, Dinar Candy’s appearance was as beautiful as this.

So they can’t imagine especially if they look at it from the front, making it difficult for netizens to choose.

“From the back, it’s beautiful, especially the front, it’s beautiful and sexy, unfortunately, Ridho Divine.”

“The front and back are still beautiful, the most important thing is always healthy.”

“The back is also okay, especially the one in front of Dinar Candy,” said another.

Sexy impression is never separated from Dinar Candy. Apart from being a model as well as a DJ, he is now also a YouTuber.

His name is so viral because of the various central things he made. For example, once selling underwear at fantastic prices to be hunted by many men.

Not to mention a number of other actions made by this 29-year-old woman.


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