Arya Saloka’s fate after the arrival of Deva Mahenra was uncovered by his mother-in-law at the Love Association

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Surya Saputra some time ago exposed the fate of Arya Saloka in the Love Association after the arrival of Deva Mahenra.

Arya Saloka is reportedly going to stop completely from the Love Association.

Answering this, Surya Saputra finally spoke up.

Surya Saputra’s response was recorded in a video uploaded by the YouTube channel Seleb Oncam News on Sunday, July 3, 2022.

The actor of Papa Surya said that he did not know what the Love Bond would be like in the future.

“I still don’t know what the future will be like,” said Surya Saputra.

In addition, Surya Saputra felt that he did not know anything in the future, even he could not speak.

“So for me, I don’t know anything about it. So I can’t say anything,” said Surya Saputra.

Nevertheless, Surya Saputra revealed that he would support any decision made by Arya Saloka.

“I support Arya, whatever the decision, it will be good for her,” said the actor who plays Papa Surya in the Love Association

Not only that, Papa Surya also seemed to represent the entire crew that they appreciated and prayed for Arya Saloka’s decision.

“We all the Love Association appreciate, respect, pray for whatever it is,” he said.

Unlike Amanda Manopo, who once satirized Arya Saloka, Surya Saputra actually said that he loved Arya Saloka.

“Anyway, we all love Arya forever. It’s a shame,” explained Surya Saputra.

Until this article was published, there has been no official explanation from MNC regarding the fate of Arya Saloka in the future whether to play in the Love Association again or not.

However, the loss of Aldebaran’s figure certainly makes the Love Association fans even more disappointed, even though a new star has arrived, namely Deva Mahenra.

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