Princess Anne Finally Opens Up About Household Problems with Arya Saloka

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Some time ago, it was reported that Arya Saloka and Princess Anne’s household was fractured. The news emerged following a video that was spread on social media, in which Arya Saloka seemed so close to actress Amanda Manopo that the two were rumored to be dating.

Since then, Princess Anne has remained silent and has refused to comment on her household. Through the online Kitchen Talk YouTube channel, Putri Anne is now here and tells how to deal with the storm that had hit her household.

Princess Anne admitted that her household journey with her husband was not easy. Especially if you see many celebrity couples who finally choose to separate after being hit by a storm of infidelity.

However, Princess Anne and Arya Saloka both strengthen their belief in God whenever they encounter a problem. Therefore, the feeling of love felt will always be strong because of asking God’s help.

“In the past, my promise to Arya was the same. I love Arya because of Allah, Arya loves me because of Allah. So it all comes back to God, just to Allah,” said Princess Anne, Monday, July 4, 2022.

Whenever Princess Anne was feeling upset or angry with her husband, she chose to turn to God and wish him the best.

Not infrequently Arya Saloka’s wife complained while crying over her prayer mat asking for help from God.

“If I am, no matter how big your problem is, cry on your prayer rug,” said Princess Anne

“Let God fix it, Arya may also pray for me. So, we’ll see you there together,” he continued.

When facing domestic problems, Princess Anne and Arya Saloka try to solve them in a cool head. They choose to calm down first before discussing and resolving existing problems.

Princess Anne and Arya Saloka married in August 2017. Princess Anne is a convert who has now perfected her religion by wearing the hijab. Their household was blessed with a son named Ibrahim Jalal Ad Din Rumi.

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