Playing Sri Asih, Pevita Pearce’s Arm and Body Muscles Make Salfok: Her Curves Are Like Badarawuhi

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The trailer for the film ‘Sri Asih’, starring Pevita Pearce, was shared by Joko Anwar through his Twitter account.

“The one who has been waiting for his arrival, Sri Asih,” wrote Joko Anwar, judging from the Twitter account @jokoanwar on Wednesday (6/7/2022).

In the first trailer, there is a scene of Pevita Pearce dancing which is highlighted by the camera from behind.

From that angle, Pevita Pearce’s protruding arm muscles caught the attention of netizens.

“Girl’s muscles are not playing games,” wrote a netizen, “I’m ready to be dislebewed Mba Pevita,” said another netizen, “Badarawuhi cake curves,” said another netizen.

For information, Sri Asih’s character first appeared in the film ‘Gundala’ in 2019. This time, Sri Asih has her first solo film.

The film ‘Sri Asih’ is adapted from the classic Indonesian comic book series by RA Kosasih.

The character ‘Sri Asih’ is the first female superhero character introduced in the Bumilangit Cinematic Universe.

Although the film script was written by Joko Anwar, the film ‘Sri Asih’ was directed by Sartri Dania Sulfiati alias Upi.

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