Nino fist fights with Sal, Reyna cries hysterically in fear

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The arrival of Sal Pradipa at Pondok Pelita was apparently enough to make Mirna jealous, who always accompanied Reyna.

However, after Sal Pradipa arrived at Pondok Pelita, it seemed that Reyna was closer to Aldebaran’s cousin.

Mirna was sad when she saw the joy that came out of Reyna’s face when she was with Sal Pradipa.

Mirna also complained to Andin and Mama Rosa, she admitted that she was jealous to see Reyna so close to Sal.

Andin and Mama Rosa then tried to talk to Mirna about Reyna’s closeness to Sal.

In fact, Reyna seemed to forget the trauma she experienced after being seduced by Sal.

Mirna was happy, but she was also jealous of the closeness of Sal and Reyna.

However, Mirna tries to understand Reyna’s attitude, who is currently still experiencing severe trauma due to Ricky.

It’s possible that there will be disagreements between Nino and Sal, when Reyna is brought to the cat adoption place.

Indeed, Sal’s appearance is quite unique by helping Reyna lower the cat from the tree.

At that time, Reyna was trying to summon a cat that was hanging out on a tree in the park.

Then Sal appears trying to help Reyna to take the cat.

Even though Sal is afraid of cats, he tries to work up the courage to take them for Reyna’s sake.

At first, Reyna met with a pediatrician, but little by little, Andin’s daughter finally wanted to talk to someone else.

Including Sal, who was the first person Reyna saw.

Furthermore, Sal was able to get along with Reyna because he was lured to look for a cat together.

Finally Reyna was willing to be invited by Sal to look for a cat to an animal adoption place.

Meanwhile, Nino is worried about Reyna’s condition, which she knows has been severely traumatized by Ricky’s actions.

Probably on the way to the office. Nino accidentally saw Reyna with Sal.

Nino then got out of his car and approached Reyna. Nino meant to take his daughter home.

Nino then misunderstands Sal. He thought Mama Rosa’s niece had kidnapped Reyna from Pondok Pelita.

Moreover, previously Nino really wanted to know how Reyna’s condition was, because Andin didn’t give any news.

Nino gets into an argument with Sal. Reyna who saw the incident immediately screamed hysterically crying.

However, Nino was surprised that Reyna didn’t want to go with him, and chose to go with Sal.

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