Ammar Zoni Leaves Following Arya Saloka from the Bond of Love? This is Irish Bella’s husband upload

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The gossip of the actor playing the Bond of Love is indeed quite interesting to listen to. Many stories from the cast of Ikatan Cinta outside the shooting agenda were busy with netizens’ attention.

Among the interesting news this time came from Ammar Zoni who played the figure of Ammar Mahendra in the Love Association.

Suddenly, Ammar Zoni uploaded a short video on his Instagram account @ammarzoni on Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

In the video, Ammar Zoni is seen sitting on the grass with a bush background.

Ammar Zoni seemed to be daydreaming. He slowly turned his gaze towards the camera.

Ammar Zoni’s face looks dull and looks sad.

“Bye ..,” wrote Ammar Zoni in the caption column for his Instagram upload.

Comments also came from various netizens, which made Ammar Zoni’s upload more colorful.

Some think that the upload signifies Ammar Zoni will leave the Love Bond.

“Finally… just focus on family vlogs and business,” said the account @iin_4**** while affixing a red heart emoji.

Another comment from a netizen said that he would prefer to see Ammar make a vlog with his wife Irish Bella and their child on the YouTube channel.

“Honestly, I prefer watching my brother vlog a lot with his wife than playing soap operas …,” commented @siti.khoir**** while attaching a laughing face emoji.

There are also those who suspect that Ammar Zoni will soon end his career as the actor of Ammar Zoni in Ikatan Cinta.

“Don’t give up on IC, Ammar … keep the spirit, Ammar Zoni, whatever your work is waiting for Ammar Zoni’s next breakthrough,” wrote the account @wulan8*** while inserting a red heart emoji.

“Is Amar Mahendra dead if I don’t start watching IC because there is Amar, if he’s dead, I’m bay too,” wrote the @pury2*** account.

In the storyline of Ikatan Cinta, Ammar Zoni is said to be seriously injured after getting an attack from Ricky.

So is it true that Ammar Zoni will leave the Love Bond following Arya Saloka who left the Love Bond.

Arya Saloka plays the figure of Aldebaran. In the story of Ikatan Cinta, Aldebaran is declared missing after being a victim of a plane crash.

Ammar Zoni’s allegation of leaving the Love Association is further strengthened by the presence of Deva Mahenra, who is now playing the role of Sal Pradipta.

It is suspected that Deva Manenra will be plotted to replace Arya Saloka to become Andin’s companion, played by Amanda Manopo.

Until now there has been no direct answer from Ammar Zoni regarding his fate in the Love Association.

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