Afgan is allegedly getting married soon, comments from fellow artists make him more confident

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Singer Afgansyah Reza or Afgan is suspected of immediately releasing his single period because of his latest upload. Comments from a number of fellow artists made the allegations even stronger.

Through his personal Instagram post on Tuesday (5/7/202), Afgan mentioned the new journey he was about to take.

“Embracing this new journey,” wrote the Thank You Cinta singer along with a black and white photo showing himself in a neat suit.

Afgan did not mention clearly that the new journey in question was marriage. But a row of comments from close friends made the marriage speculation even stronger.

“Finallyyyyy gaan, congrats yaa,” commented Sivia Blink, who recently also officially married.

“Woohoo! Launched until the day of H bro! Aminnn,” said singer Gamaliel Tapiheru.

“Invitations awaited,” wrote musician Rio Alief.

“Well, this is what my boss has been waiting for,” said the Prince of South Jakarta, Ranggaz Laksmana.

With the comments from Afgan’s close friends, netizens believe that Afgan’s post is not a gimmick to promote his new release. Moreover, lately many artists who suddenly get married without making a fuss first.

Afgan himself is reportedly dating Malika Bestari, a model and quite active in social activities. However, the 1989-born singer has not commented on the news.

Netizens strongly suspect that Afgan’s future wife is Malika Bestari. Let’s just wait for the good news from this handsome singer.

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