The bond of love begins to enter a new chapter, Andin is made to fall in love with Sal, Aldebaran is only a memory

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Sal, a new player in Ikatan Cinta, played by Deva Mahenra, begins to fill the void in Andin’s heart over the loss of Aldebaran.

Now Aldebaran is just a memory, his name is even rarely heard in every scene.

This is directly proportional to the arrival of a new writer Ikatan Cinta.

However, will this be able to break back the rating and Share Bonds of Love in the future?

In his latest broadcast, Sal finally arrived in Jakarta. Before going to Pondok Pelita, he made a pilgrimage to the graves of his parents.

In front of the tomb, Sal apologized for not having made a pilgrimage to his parents’ graves in a long time.

Sal honestly sometimes feels vulnerable in the face of life, but by remembering his parents he becomes strong.

Sal asked his parents not to worry about him because there are still many people who love and care for him.

Then, Sal went on a pilgrimage to the graves of Roy and Pak Hartawan.

Sal admitted that his visit to Indonesia was partly because he really missed Roy and Pak Hartawan.

Sal is very grateful to Pak Hartawan for teaching him a lot of knowledge about life.

Aldebaran’s cousin also admitted that the 2 people he missed the most besides his parents were only Roy and Pak Hartawan.

On the other hand, Andin brings Reyna home to rest, but her daughter still looks scared and doesn’t want to be left by her mother.

Andin became confused because he couldn’t do things because Reyna didn’t want to be left behind.

Andin continued to calm his daughter and promised to always be by Reyna’s side to protect her.

It seems that Reyna is still traumatized after seeing Ricky’s cruelty when he hit Papa Surya’s car window.

As a result Andin became confused looking for ways to bring back the joy of his daughter.

The next day, Andin plans to take Reyna to a psychologist so that her child will recover as soon as possible.

Tonight is likely to be aired, Sal finally came to Pondok Pelita.

Upon his arrival, Mama Rosa and the Pondok Pelita family immediately gave a warm welcome.

But Andin wasn’t there because he had to take care of Reyna in the room.

Not long after, Andin left the room alone because Reyna had fallen asleep.

At that moment, Sal was immediately amazed to see Andin’s beauty in quite charming clothes.

Mama Rosa immediately introduced Andin to Sal, and told him that she was Aldebaran’s wife.

Hearing that, Sal just smiled even though he knew that Aldebaran was now gone.

The conversation between Sal and Andin started at that time and there was no feeling for each other.

However, as time goes by, Andin turns out to feel comfortable because after all Sal is almost similar to Aldebaran’s character.

Therefore, Andin began to fall in love with Mama Rosa’s niece.

On the other hand, Mama Rosa was aware of this because it was seen from Andin’s behavior.

Therefore, Mama Rosa also advised Andin to get to know Sal more and the material suggested accepting her nephew more than a cousin.

This is an indication that Mama Rosa wants Andin to marry Sal so that she doesn’t worry too much about Aldebaran.

So is it true that this is the first chapter if the Love Bond will enter a new chapter in the world of soap operas?

Watch the full story of the Bond of Love series tonight on RCTI.

Attention, this article contains reviews of previous episodes and predictions of the next Love Bond story, aims to entertain and does not mean to precede the contents of the story.

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