SHOCKING! Andin faints in Sal’s arms after Mama Rosa’s nephew reveals Aldebaran’s secret in the love bond

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Sal does seem cheerful and kind-hearted. But behind it all, he is a gloomy figure.

At first it was told that Sal finally arrived in Indonesia. Sal immediately visited the graves of his parents, for a pilgrimage.

Not to forget Sal also visited the graves of his uncle, Hartawan Alfahri, and also his cousin, Roy.

After that, Sal finally visited Pondok Pelita. Sal came with only one suitcase.

He was greeted by Uya and Boim. At first, Uya didn’t recognize Sal because he was wearing sunglasses.

But after opening his glasses, Uya finally recognized Sal and invited him inside.

While in the yard of Pondok Pelita, Sal saw Reyna and Mirna calling for a cat trapped in a tree.

Reyna screamed in fear of seeing Reyna. However, after that Reyna could calm down because Sal was quite good at persuading small children.

Hearing Reyna’s scream, Andin and Mama Rosa rushed out and met them.

Unexpectedly, Sal was there, and made Mama Rosa happy and then hugged her niece.

Andin also greeted Sal who had just arrived at Pondok Pelita.

Sal also entered the living room of Pondok Pelita and chatted a lot with Mama Rosa.

Their conversation was just a notification to Sal regarding the current conditions with Mama Rosa and Andin’s family.

Reyna is traumatized after Ricky is desperate to carry out his evil plan. Besides that, Reyna knows that Nino is her real father.

Sal supports Andin and Mama Rosa’s decision by presenting a child psychologist to help Reyna recover mentally.

Sal also managed to persuade Reyna and make Reyna comfortable. Sal invites Reyna to come to the pet shop to adopt a cat.

This is believed to be able to make Reyna’s traumatized again because Reyna is active with something she likes, namely taking care of cats.

So what’s the next story? What will be revealed from the still mysterious figure of Sal.

Chances are Sal will soon reveal his true identity. Sal turns out to be holding a secret from Aldebaran regarding his family.

Aldebaran made a will to Sal that if one day he could no longer take care of his family, it was Sal who was appointed by Aldebaran to carry out that obligation.

Aldebaran can say that because he feels close to Sal. Regardless of the status of Sal who is his cousin, Aldebaran also considers Sal as his confidant.

However, what made Sal doubted was none other than because he felt that what Aldebaran had ordered did not need to be known by Mama Rosa or Andin.

The reason is, Sal knows the current whereabouts of Aldebaran. Aldebaran’s chance of still being alive is still very large.

Sal received information from his confidant that Aldebaran was still alive and living in Sumatra.

However, Aldebaran’s condition is not what it used to be. He lost his memory and no longer remembers his family.

That was the reason why Aldebaran never returned to Pondok Pelita.

Sal was also reluctant to say that to Mama Rosa or Andin because he was worried that both of them were not ready to accept the harsh reality.

However, Sal finally said about the secret he had been holding on to. Mama Rosa and Andin immediately collapsed and fainted hearing what Sal said.

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Attention, some of this content is only a prediction of the upcoming episode of Ikatan Cinta story and is not meant to precede the content of the story. This article only aims to entertain the loyal audience of Ikatan Cinta.

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