Not Just Any Sultan, Portrait of Nagita Slavina Distributing Branded Goods to RANS Employees – Tens of Millions in Total

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What was the moment of Raffi Ahmad’s wife giving out branded goods to RANS employees? Check here!

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Nagita Slavina is shopping at a mall to buy things. Not alone, he was accompanied by several of his employees.

While there, Gigi also made games for the employees who accompanied her, namely choosing items within one minute.

Not wanting to lose time, one of the employees ran to the bag rack. And this is the choice.

And the four RANS staff finally got some of the things he bought in one minute.

Not only bags, some employees also buy shoes. In total, the price is already tens of millions.

Not only at the mall, Nagita Slavina also distributed some items to lucky RANS employees.

And this is one of the branded bags which is also quite expensive.

Other items also include wallets, and several bags that are ready to be distributed by Nagita Slavina to her employees.

And this is the lucky person to get one of the bags given by Nagita Slavina.

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