Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism: 10 Pictures, Attractions and Routes to the Location

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Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism

Karogaul.com – Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism is a tourist destination that wants to give you a learning tour with added cultural values. Of course your dinari will want to learn a lot and get in touch with nature.

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Its existence is located in Cihideung Udik Village, Kec. Ciampea, Bogor. Yes, Bogor has always shared an extraordinary holiday atmosphere. Seeing so many tourist destinations that you can visit when located here.

Spending vacation time with family, especially by learning about the various cultures of the region, is an experience that you must try. By coming to Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism you will get it all.

Photo by Norika Ayu Dewi

In this tourist destination, you will be invited to get in touch with nature, something that you have never experienced before.

Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism gives you the opportunity to take a short break from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, and invites you to “Back to Kampoeng”.

You will be introduced to a lot of Sundanese culture in particular with a variety of activities that are usually done by residents every day. Starting from planting rice, wearing a mortar, wearing traditional Sundanese clothes, and playing traditional music equipment.

The following is a further discussion about Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism tourism:

Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism Locations

Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism
Photo by Skypam

The position of Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism is located on Jalan Babakan Kemang, RT 01/ RW 02, Cihideung Udik Village, Ciampea District, Kab. Bogor, Prov. West Java.

To get to this tourist location is very easy because it can be passed by 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled transport. Besides that, the road has also been paved.

The vehicle to reach the location of Kamueng Wisata Cinangneng is very easy. If you start from Jakarta, excursions can be reached in about 2 hours via the Jagorawi toll road.

Kampoeng Cinangneng . Tourism Route

The route to go to Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism, you just point your vehicle towards the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) Dramaga. After that, continue on to the road. Raya Cibanteng, after that you will explore Cihideung Udik Village.

Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism

Photo by Himawan Sumiadji

When you have arrived at the Tirta Ayu Swimming Pool, that means the Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism position is a little more. If you don’t want to get lost, there’s nothing wrong with asking the close community.

If you start from Jakarta, direct your transportation to the Jagorawi Toll Road, with the time you want to take approximately 2 hours of expedition. On the other hand, if you move from Bogor Station, you will take an expedition close to 13 kilometers with an estimated time of 45 minutes of adventure.

Kampoeng Cinangneng Tour Opening Hours

The operating hours of Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism are open every day from 8 am to 5 pm. The right time to visit this tourist location is to invite family members and community friends that you have.

Kampoeng Cinangneng Wisata Tourism Tickets

Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism
Photo by Yelly Suryanti

Tickets on the Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism consist of several packages, with the following details:

Entrance Ticket IDR 12.500

Package A– Poelang Kampoeng– One day package (Min. 20 people) IDR 145. Thousand

Package B– I Am Also From The Kampoeng (Min. 10 people) IDR 125. thousand

Package C – Survey Package/Person Rp 20. thousand

Package D– Ronda/ Person Rp 100. Thousand

Overnight Package IDR 525,000

Kampoeng Cinangneng . Tourism Facilities

Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism
Photo by Sandi Sandy

The facilities at Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism are complete, this is indicated by the presence of:

::Parking zone
::A place to eat or a cafe
::Saung or Gazebo where you relax
::Souvenir shop or souvenir

The inn is located in 2 buildings with 8 rooms in each building. So for those of you who come from out of town, you don’t need to go far to find a place to spend the night.

Attractions and Activities in Kampoeng Cinangneng Wisata Tourism

Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism
Photo by Rina Triastuti

The attraction that was informed by the management of Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism is that we will be invited to carry out various kinds of exciting tours that can also increase our knowledge of Sundanese culture in particular.

So that this tourist spot is always visited by school children and from other institutions. You can choose some of the tour packages that you want to take, these types of tours include:

1. Playing Musical Equipment and Traditional Songs

Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism
Photo by atin barokah

When you are in Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism, you will be invited to play traditional West Javanese musical instruments such as angklung and Sundanese gamelan. Not only that, you will also learn to deliver traditional songs using these musical instruments.
2. Learn Traditional Dance

Sharpen your artistic knowledge by learning traditional dances from West Java, for example, if you want to learn to dance Jaipongan and wear traditional clothes.

Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism

Photo by khodir Suryana

This Jaipongan dance originates from the Karawang area which was created by H. Suanda in 1976, by mixing pencak silat, wayang golek, banjet masks, tap tilu, and so on. After that, he was raised in Bandung by an artist by the name of Gugum Gumbira.

3. Learn to Make Cakes and Herbs

Another fun activity is learning to make traditional cakes like bugis and putu cakes. Both of these dishes use coconut as the base material, the only difference is that the bugis cake tastes chewy when placed in the mouth.

Not only making traditional dishes, you will also recognize the process of making traditional herbal medicine using simple ingredients that we usually find every day.

4. Planting Rice

If so far we can only see the farmers who are planting rice, this time you will go directly to the fields to plant rice which has been prepared by the manager.

Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism

Photo by Agus Subandrio

This activity will be very fun if you try it together with a group, especially children will really like it. This is an exciting and exciting experience. Where we can recognize each process in planting rice that we do not know so far.

5. Bathing the Buffalo and Playing in the River

This activity will be very exciting, where you will be invited to play in the river while bathing the buffalo. Bathing a buffalo will increase its special courage for children.

Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism

Photo by Khrisna Aldorino

Usually children will be afraid to approach the buffalo, so at Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism they will learn to hold the buffalo and bathe it. Of course, this activity will be accompanied by a guide, so you don’t have to worry.

6. Drawing Caping

Caping is a hat made of woven bamboo which is often used by farmers when they want to go to the garden or to the fields. When located in Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism, you will be invited to decorate the caping according to your own creation.

This caping drawing activity will increase creativity for children, they will be given some color bottles and brushes and of course the caping.

Children want to be freed by being creative, they can draw anything according to their imagination. Not only drawing hats, activities that can be tried are making puppets made from cassava stems and leaves.

7. Go Around Kampoeng

Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism
Photo by Batok Eloy

The last type of tour I want to discuss is the Kampoeng Tour or around Kampoeng. You will be invited to explore Kampoeng to see the business activities carried out by local residents, such as convection and handicrafts made of bamboo.

This is an experience that you should not miss. By traveling Kampoeng you will feel the natural beauty that is near the Kampoeng Cinangneng Tourism.

The nuances of the sang are very beautiful and the air is still cool, much different from the conditions in urban areas that we usually encounter. You will be invited to pass through plantations, rice fields, and forests.

That’s a signkat review about “Kampoeng Cinangneng Bogor Tourism: 10 Pictures, Attractions and Routes to the Location” Are you interested in visiting this cool destination?


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