It’s crazy that Mahalani clothes are considered sexy, Rizky Febian gives a response

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Mahalini received criticism because the clothes she wore when singing did not fit. On Instagram, a video circulated of Mahalini singing the Indonesia Raya anthem. He sang the song very solemnly.

But the public highlighted the clothes used when singing. The clothes she wears are considered too sexy to sing a national anthem.

At that time, Mahalini was seen wearing a dress with green tassel accents. In some parts, the clothes appear transparent and expose her body.

“Sorry, the clothes don’t match the song,” said netizens.

“The voice is polite, the costume is lacking (polite) sorry,” said another netizen.

But despite getting a lot of blasphemy, Mahalini still posted one of his activities.

“everything, in time. Thank you palembang,” said Mahalini on his Instagram.

The post immediately got a lot of responses. They actually praised Mahalini’s appearance, which looked very beautiful at that time. Even Mahalini’s lover, Rizky Febian, praised Mahalini’s beauty and wrote an affectionate call.

“It’s really cute,” said Anwar BAB.

“Ma luv,” commented Rizky Febian.

“Badarawuhi is so beautiful,” explained the jeytr **** account.

“It’s so beautiful, wey,” said the hye**** account.

“Greetings uong kito galo sis, the #original line is prettier when you see it in front of your eyes when you’re in plbg,” said another account.

Mahalini is indeed famous for her stylish appearance which is always fashionable. The singer from Bali is also often praised for having a sexy body like a model which makes her stand out among her colleagues in a singing talent search event at a television station.

Until now, there has been no comment from Mahalini regarding the excitement of his appearance.

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