It was revealed that Arya Saloka was filming immediately after withdrawing from the bond of love, Unloading Friends gave a leak

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Because according to Yuda Fajrin, Arya Saloka is still keeping this new project a secret.

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“I know what he’s shooting. It’s just a secret,” replied Yuda jokingly.

When his Instagram Story upload was shared by a number of fan accounts, many were curious about Arya Saloka’s latest project.

Arya Saloka’s Busyness After Not Joining the Love Association, Create a New Project with Friends

The busyness of actor Arya Saloka after not joining the soap opera Ikatan Cinta is a concern.

As is known, Aldebaran, played by Arya Saloka, is no longer appearing.

In addition, the production team also removed Arya Saloka’s name from the cast.

On the other hand, now Princess Anne’s husband has a new project.

The project was made with his best friend who used to also play in the Love Association.

Reporting from Tribunsumsel, Arya Saloka is known to have a project in the form of the Asloro Official Youtube Channel which he created with former Adi Sastro.

Asloro Offical is the name of a Youtube Channel made from the abbreviation of the names Arya Saloka and Adi Sastro.

Asloro Official uploaded the first video revealing the beginning of the formation of the Youtube Channel, Thursday (30/6/2022).

“Hey, let’s be serious about making this, let’s get the production team from me. Wow, come on. Finally, the name ASLORO has been born and now we are shooting day one,” said Adi Sastro, quoted from Asloro Offical’s YouTube channel via Tribunsumsel.

In the video they discuss the reasons for choosing the abbreviated name.

Meanwhile, friends with Adi Sastro and Arya Saloka have also made vlogs together.

“So before the popularity of the YouTube vlog, our daily activity vlog was made from late 2012,” explained Arya Saloka.

Now that they are no longer in the Love Association, Adi Sastro and Arya Saloka have started a new business.

The official Asloro Youtube channel uploaded its first broadcast on June 28, 2022.

And already has 294 thousand subscribers.

Because previously, the ASLORO Official youtube channel was named Sing Kiye.

Arya Saloka leaves, now the bond of love is considered disappointing

The news of Arya Saloka stepping down from the soap opera Ikatan Cinta had made the public excited.

Previously, the actor Aldebaran explicitly announced that he was leaving the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

With a heavy heart, Princess Anne’s husband revealed that he would not return to soap operas that catapulted his name.

Now the soap opera Ikatan Cinta is considered increasingly disappointing by fans.

Knowing this, Amanda Manopo also gave a response.

“Don’t be disappointed with IC (Love Association) now, it’s your fault.

Don’t be disappointed with the people who are here or the office people, you are wrong, because you don’t know what the story is like,” said actor Andin during a live Instagram quoted via

Billy Saputra’s ex-lover also confirmed that the Love Association is currently making improvements.

Even to the point of changing the screenwriter of Bond of Love.

“We try a lot. Office people also try a lot, they rack their brains, they change writers again to give the best,” he explained.

Then, Amanda Manopo said that everything needed a process and likened the process of growing a baby.

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