Angga Wijaya’s treatment of Gabriel, daughter of Dewi Perssik, turned out to be like this: I’ve never spoiled him, but…

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Automatically Angga Wijaya became a continuing father for Dewi Perssik’s only child, Gabriel.

In one event, Angga Wijaya once explained about the figure of Gabriel, the son of Dewi Perssik, to the way he loves his next child.

The Sundanese-blooded man admitted that he was classified as never pampering his continued child.

With this kind of treatment, it does not mean that you do not love, but that is Angga Wijaya’s way of educating.

“I can confirm that for children his age, compared to other children, this is extraordinary for me,” said Angga Wijaya, quoted by Hops.ID through the Trans7 Official YouTube channel on Monday, July 4, 2022.

“I’ve never spoiled him, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never spoiled him,” he continued.

The husband of Dewi Perssik said that he always gave Gabriel whatever he wanted.

However, there is a condition, Angga Wijaya will fulfill it at certain moments.

“I often give him what he wants, but when the moment is like that. I don’t always have to give him what he wants, but I give him the right time so he knows that what you want is not always good,” concluded Angga Wijaya.

Peach Goddess Message to Gabriel

In that moment, Depe then conveyed a message to his only child, who was none other than Gabriel.

Depe advised that Gegeb, Gabriel’s nickname, always grow to be someone who is useful and loves his mother.

“If you can only talk to Gegeb, you still have to be a useful child, a child who loves Mamah,” said Depe.

“Because Gegeb knows Mamah’s struggle for Gegeb, right,” he said.

“If Mamah is gone, if Gegeb misses, what does Gegeb do for Mamah?” he asked.

Then Gegeb answered with, “Pray for mamah by means of tahlilan, pray to Allah and pray,” he answered.

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