Portrait of Ayu Aulia Umbar Sensitive Part, Only Wearing Panties?

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Ayu Aulia is getting bolder to show a series of sexy portraits. This time, Ayu Aulia appeared open and only wore panties.

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Previously, Ayu Aulia also showed off her sexiness just by covering her body with a blanket. What does Ayu Aulia’s sexy portrait look like? Let’s take a look at the full article!

Too Sexy Portrait Only Wearing Panties


Photo : Instagram/ayualia5252

Ayu Aulia previously made a scene because of the alleged suicide attempt. The woman who was reportedly close to Zikri Daulay also decided to wear a hijab. However, Ayu took off her hijab again for some reason.

After removing the hijab, Ayu Aulia showed her sexy aura with minimal clothes and seductive poses. This time, Ayu allegedly did a photo shoot wearing only underwear.

However, silhouettes or black shadows cover Ayu Aulia’s sensitive parts. The actress also poses in such a way that it is more attractive. Uniquely, Ayu uses a super large hat in the overly sexy photo shoot.

“And like those who do well in front of the camera. I’m bad girl,” wrote Ayu Aulia on her Instagram @ayuaulia5252, reported by IntipSeleb on Friday, June 24, 2022.

However, there is one netizen who accuses Ayu Aulia of social assistance because the photo is too sexy. Casually, Ayu answered the accusation.

“The social service agency is starting to get quiet, hahaha,” netizen comments.
“If it’s quiet, why are you commenting here” Ayu Aulia replied.

Blanket Photoshoot


Photo : Instagram/ayualia5252

Previously, Ayu Aulia also showed another photo shoot that was no less sexy. At that time, Ayu only covered her sensitive parts by using a large blanket. Even so, Ayu often shows the smoothness of her back towards the camera.

Accompanying her sexy portrait, Ayu Aulia admitted that she felt sad, hurt, angry and disappointed. Even so, Ayu will still put on a happy face and continue her life.

“I’m sad, hurt, angry, angry, disappointed. But, do you know? I’ll put on a happy face and move on. It will hurt, but I will endure,“said Ayu Aulia. (nes)



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