commotion! Mami Sisca’s Action in the Villa Bathroom was Recorded by 2 Men!

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SISCA Mellyana or Mami Sisca stirred up social media because she had an unpleasant experience on Thursday, December 9, 2021.

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Secretly two men entered his inn and filmed himself in an open bathroom.

Through her upload, the woman who is familiarly called Mami Sisca shared the chronology of the entry of the two men.

In the video he shared, two men were seen trying to escape from the villa location.

“This is the beginning of the chronology.. For you to be aware, no matter how private, no matter how private, people like him can take advantage of the situation.

Thanks to the Ubud Police for quickly arresting the 2 perpetrators,” he wrote.

Quoted from various sources, the two men are not part of the hotel. They were desperate to go up and record Sisca’s activities while in the villa.

At first, Sisca intended to wash her hands in the open bathroom in her villa.

But suddenly Sisca heard a strange sound from the rubble of the bathroom pebbles.

Apparently the two perpetrators managed to record Sisca’s activities with three video evidence taken from various angles.

“All cases are over, just go to the ubud police again this afternoon, NOTED RECORDING AND SEEING THERE ARE 3 VIDEOS ON HER PHONE WITH VARIOUS ANGLES,” he wrote in the video explaining the perpetrator he uploaded.

Now, this case has been processed by the Ubud Police, Bali. The perpetrators are known to have the initials IMS and IMM. They have also admitted their actions to Sisca as a victim.


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