Arya Saloka officially left the Love Association, Surya Saputra gave this response

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Surya Saputra admitted that he did not know anything about the news that Arya Saloka had officially left the Love Association or not.

“Right now, I still don’t know what the future holds,” said Surya Saputra as reported by Hops.ID via the Seleb Oncam News YouTube channel on Monday, July 4, 2022.

Surya Saputra said that he had not spoken about Arya Saloka’s departure from the Love Association.

“For me, I don’t know anything about it. So I can’t say anything,” he continued.

Even so, Surya Saputra will continue to support Arya Saloka’s decision. Likewise the Ikatan Cinta team who will always respect Amanda Manopo’s co-star.

“I support Arya whatever the decision will be good for her. We all Love Association appreciate, respect, pray for whatever it is,” explained Papa Surya.

Surya also emphasized that he still loves Arya even though Aldebaran will not continue his role in the Love Association.

“Anyway, we all love Arya. Too bad,” he said.

As is known, Aldebaran’s character in the Love Association is still unclear about his whereabouts since the plane crash.

At that time, Aldebaran was told that he was going on a business trip to the United States (US).

Unfortunately, Aldebaran had a plane crash and until now his body has not been found.

Meanwhile, Andin (Aldebaran’s wife) must continue to live her life with various problems that come, both from Elsa, Nino, Ricky, Ammar and others.

Now, the latest episode of Ikatan Cinta has presented a new figure named Sal.

Sal is the niece of Mrs. Rosa (Sari Nila) and cousin of Aldebaran. The character of Sal is played by Deva Mahendra.

Many Ikatan Cinta fans speculate that the character Aldebaran will not return and Andin will be paired with Sal.

The reason is, since mid-April, Arya, who plays Aldebaran, has not played in the Love Association.

Because it’s been too long, speculation that Sal will be matched with Andin continues to stick out.

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