Ruben Onsu’s Body Changes When With Betrand Peto and Sarwendah Recorded, Thalia’s Father Floods Prayers

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Although he has started to return to his usual activities, Ruben Onsu’s health is still not fully recovered.

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Betrand Peto’s father still has to undergo regular check-ups and be prepared if one day he has to be treated again because his condition could suddenly collapse.

It is known, Ruben Onsu had to be rushed back to the hospital because he suffered from an extreme lack of blood.

To save his condition, Ruben had to receive a large number of blood transfusions.

Now after several treatments and being in and out of the hospital, the changes in Ruben Onsu’s physical condition are slowly being seen.

As seen in Ruben Onsu’s latest upload on his personal Instagram account, Saturday (2/7/2022).

Entering the holiday weekend, Ruben chose to rest by taking his wife and child on vacation to the top.

“One morning,” wrote Ruben Onsu.

In the photo, Ruben, Onyo, Sarwendah, and their two daughters are walking around enjoying the cool morning atmosphere in Puncak.

However, from the photos shared, it can be seen that Ruben chose to change the appearance of his hair which was previously dyed white to black.

In addition, he also cut a few strands of hair that are on the side.

Ruben’s body, which was previously quite full, also looks thinner.

Inevitably, Ruben’s changed physical condition made him flooded with prayers and hoped to be healthy as usual.

Ruben Onsu had indeed revealed the cause of the black spots or spots on his head.

It turned out that Sarwendah’s husband was extremely tired and was often late for meals.

After the doctor spoke about the illness suffered by Betrand Petro’s continued father and Thalia Putri Onsu’s biological father, and Thania Putri Onsu, the reason for their emergence was also revealed.

The cause of Ruben Onsu falling ill is actually because of his daily habits as an entertainer.

The spots on his brain appear because Ruben Onsu often ignores trivial things every day.

So now he has to receive many blood transfusions and treatment in the ICU.

Lately, Ruben Onsu’s health condition has deteriorated several times and he has to be rushed to the hospital.

In fact, Ruben Onsu was rushed to the ICU due to his worrying condition.

Sarwendah’s husband finally slowly recovered after receiving a blood transfusion.

While in the hospital, Ruben Onsu was accompanied by his adopted son, Betrand Peto several times.

The singer, who is familiarly called Onyo, was seen bursting into tears when he saw the condition of Ruben Onsu who was lying limp in a hospital bed.

Reporting from The Onsu Family’s Youtube account via Grid.ID on Sunday (26/6/2022), Ruben Onsu also looks pale and weak.

Meanwhile, on another occasion, Ruben Onsu revealed the cause of his illness.

Apparently the disease arose because Ruben Onsu was often tired and late for meals.

“The reason is fatigue, sometimes the food I don’t like so much, I prefer to suppress my appetite,” he said, quoted from Tribun Seleb.

“Then if I’m not tired, I’m upset. I don’t want to look for something similar, so I postpone eating. So I’ll see you again at night,” he continued.

Danger of Late Eating

Not a few people who experience colds when skipping meals alias late to eat.

This condition is not surprising because late eating can indeed make the body weak and a sensation of feeling unwell.

This condition is often called a cold.

Although not in medical terms, colds are often used by Indonesian people to describe feeling unwell without a clear cause.

In the previous article (21/3/2022), the term colds was actually used to describe a collection of symptoms from a disease, such as ulcers and flu.

These symptoms may include feeling achy, bloated, bloated, or abdominal pain, persistent wind, nausea, coughing, feeling cold, and fever.

The most common symptoms of heartburn are bloating, abdominal pain, chest pain, and frequent belching.

Meanwhile, flu symptoms include sore throat, runny nose, cough, stuffy nose, and fever.

Sometimes, the flu can also cause muscle aches or aches.

So why late eating often causes colds?

Reported from (6/9/2018), dr. Mulia Sp.PD, an internal medicine specialist at Pantai Indah Kapuk Hospital, explained that the human body has a biological clock called the circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythm is a work schedule or work shift for every organ of the human body, including organs in the digestive system.

So if we eat irregularly, the circadian rhythm will be disturbed so that we experience various symptoms.

When we eat late, we can experience stomach cramps.

Usually stomach cramps occur due to gastric disease, gastric acid reflux, or stomach ulcers.

Even when skipping meals and leaving the stomach empty, then eating again after an empty stomach for a long time, the stomach becomes bloated and excess gas accompanied by abdominal pain.

Complaints about digestion and weakness are often considered colds.

So it can be said that late eating is the cause of some cold symptoms.

However, late eating alone will not cause the flu.

Influenza is caused by infection with the influenza virus in the body, not because of irregular eating.

What is the impact if you often eat late?

In addition to triggering stomach disease, late eating can also affect the digestive system.

Skipping meals or eating irregularly can decrease the energy used to digest and absorb food.

The digestive system processes food continuously for 8-10 hours, so when we eat irregularly, the body also cannot supply nutrients regularly to all organs and cells.

The body’s metabolism also slows down to store calories in the body so that it can be burned for a long time.

This will make us more easily tired, weak, lethargic, even the mood is not good. Activities were also disrupted.

In addition, eating irregularly can actually increase weight.

The circadian rhythm regulates hunger and satiety signals that can maintain ideal body weight.

When eating irregularly, the body becomes confused about whether we are full or still hungry.

We might actually still eat a lot even though we are full.

Especially if you skip breakfast or lunch, chances are when you eat, you go crazy and eat too much. This is what then makes the scales go up.

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