Lau Balis Langkat Waterfall: Characteristics There is a Large Wood Standing Leaning

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Lau Balis Langkat Waterfall – Not only the destination of Lake Toba, there is another natural beauty belonging to North Sumatra which is so stunning, one other than the Lau Balis waterfall in Langkat. Its beauty is certain to make every eye look at it will not blink because of its beauty.

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Lau Balis Langkat waterfall is a natural charm that is stored beautifully and extraordinary in the Langkat area. Moreover, maybe no one had time to imagine that there was a waterfall flowing with a soothing splash there.

Lau Balis Langkat Waterfall
Photo by Bima Rusdiansyah
When we talk about natural tourism in the archipelago, there will be no words to finish, because all the beauty that God has created for Indonesia is so amazing. Feel the charm of the outdoors with the flow of waterfalls and rivers that flow beautifully, making the eyes and body stunned by the beauty of this nature.
Lau Balis Langkat Waterfall

Photo by agung jabar nur

Lau Balis Langkat Waterfall

Photo by agung jabar nur

Lau Balis Langkat Waterfall is one of the hidden natural destinations in Langkat. The Lau Balis Langkat waterfall, which has another name for the Tongkat waterfall, is a waterfall that flows into the Sei Bingai river and the water empties into the Malacca Strait sea.

It is called the Stick waterfall, because from the lip of the waterfall there is a large wood standing leaning against it. For local residents, it is estimated that this wood has been leaning there for more than 20 years.

Location of Lau Balis Langkat Waterfall

Lau Balis Langkat Waterfall
Photo by agung jabar nur2

Lau Balis Langkat waterfall is located in Rumah Galo Village, Kec. Sei Bingai, Kab. Langkat, North Sumatra. To go to Rumah Galo Village, you must travel for about 3 hours by motorbike.

When starting from Medan City, tourists can pass through Binjai City then turn left from the side of Binjai Supermall. The adventure will continue to climb for about 1 hour.

Just heading to the Lau Balis Langkat waterfall, I feel like I’ve traveled more than 2 km. Try this adventure by walking towards the upstream direction, or about 2 hours more until you arrive at the position of this Lau Balis Langkat Waterfall.

Lau Balis Langkat Waterfall
Photo by Tantowi Zauhari
Lau Balis Langkat Waterfall

Photo by Ma Gints

The excursion to the waterfall is categorized as extraordinary. Therefore, a guide is needed to help throughout the adventure. If interested, tourists can ask for help from local residents. For this guide rental fee, each person is usually charged around IDR 30,000.

Thus the review and presentation of the signkat about “Lau Balis Langkat Waterfall: Its Characteristic There is a Large Wood Standing Leaning” when do you visit this exotic and eye-pleasing place?


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