Dian Sastro Selfie with Nana Mirdad, Netizens: Vampire Duo

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Dian uploaded a photo while enjoying the view of Ubud while eating delicious looking food. In addition, he also posted a photo of himself with an exotic tan with the caption, “otw to a tanner 2022. (Towards browner skin in 2022).”

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While in Bali, the woman who was born on March 16, 1982, then visited one of her fellow artists, Nana Mirdad. It is known that Nana and her family do live on the Island of the Gods. Reunion with friends, Dian also uploaded a selfie photo with Nana.

“Lovely catch up with this one. (Having fun with this one),” he wrote in the caption for the photo uploaded on June 30, 2022.

In the photo, both Nana and Dian look cute with a thin smile and simple makeup. The portrait was flooded with praise by netizens. They say that these two women look alike and beautiful.

“Small all!” a netizen commented.

“Naturally Beautiful,” said another netizen.

“It’s similar,” said one netizen,

“Twins,” said the netizen.

“The two of them are always beautiful naturally,” said the netizen.

But there is one comment that is unique. This netizen stated that Dian and Nana were like vampires because they looked young regardless of their age.

“The younger vampire duo,” wrote the netizen.

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