This Actor Who Is Called Strong Replaces Aldebaran’s Position in the Love Bond, So Andin’s Partner?

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It seems that loyal viewers of the soap opera starring Amanda Manopo are already curious about who will replace the Aldebaran character.

The news was also widely discussed on social media, regarding the presence of Aldebaran’s cousin in the Love Association.

For the first time the name Sal was in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, when Mama Rosa got a call from her nephew.

It is said that all this time, Sal, Mama Rosa’s nephew, lives abroad while running his business.

After being in Australia for a long time, it seems that Sal is about to return to his homeland and meet Mama Rosa.

Chances are, gradually Sal will come to Pondok Pelita. Moreover, Mama Rosa was waiting for his arrival.

In fact, there are those who say that Sal’s presence is considered to be a cure for the longing of Ikatan Cinta fans after the loss of Aldebaran (Arya Saloka).

Apparently, Sal’s arrival had been conveyed by Mama Rosa to Andin.

Not only that, Mama Rosa also said that her nephew would help Andin manage PT Aldebaran Sejahtera.

So who is the figure who is said to be Aldebaran’s replacement?

Not long ago, the puzzle began to be unraveled with the presence of actress Deva Mahenra who appeared on the set of Ikatan Cinta.

The Ikatan Cinta fanbase account on Twitter social media, seemed to share a photo of Deva Mahenra appearing wearing a suit with smooth hair.

In fact, the upload shows a photographer taking pictures of Deva Mahenra wearing a shirt with the writing on the back of

“What’s the fix? The desire of people @ who asked Aldebaran to withdraw and then the partner for Andin who is single and handsome is fulfilled, don’t forget to increase it to 15/50 (rating and share) again, the request has been granted, I’m still Aldebaran’s team, ” wrote the Twitter account, @Jeiino1.

Deva Mahenra brief profile:

Deva Mahenra has a career as an actor, model and presenter from Indonesia.

It seems that there is no doubt about Deva Mahenra, who is thought to be joining the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

Deva started her career as a top 40 finalist for Indonesian Idol 2007.

Name: Deva Mahenra

Place, Date and Birth: Makassar, 19 April 1990


Occupation: Actor, Model, Presenter and DJ

Instagram: @devanmahenra

Twitter: @devanmahenra

TV Series Played by Deva Mahenra

Neighbors That Time?

Saranghae, I Love You

Movies Played by Deva Mahenra

Slank No Death (2013)

Crush (2014)

Me, You & KUA (2014)

Teacher of the Nation: Tjokroaminoto (2015)

Romeo + Rinjani (2015)

Saturday With Dad (2016)

Rise (2016)

Ordinary Boy Love (2016)

JomBlo Reboot (2017)

FTV Played by Deva Mahenra

Helper And Ojek Driver

Fresh Fruit Juicer Love

My soulmate is Cipluk

Awards Received by Deva Mahenra

Indonesian Idol Season Four (2007)

Natasha’s Face (2011)

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