Sari Nila as Mama Rosa Bond of Love Suddenly Shares Sad News

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Sari Nila, who plays Mama Rosa in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, shared the sad news.

The news was known through his personal InstaStory post @sarinila16.

The story post is on a black background, with words of condolences.

“Innalillahi wa innailaihi rojiun. Goodbye Alia my dear @tamaliatams till we meet again on the dance floor in heaven, amen (heart emoticon), stay strong @remyirwan,” wrote Sari Nila’s statement.

The profile and biodata of Sari Nila, see below;

Sari Nila’s name soared enough to suit her role as Mama Rosa in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

Sari Nila’s acting was enough to steal the public’s attention. Moreover, he is able to make Mama Rosa’s character more attached to the hearts of Love Bond lovers.

Sari Nila’s firm figure with authoritative language is able to build Mama Rosa’s character to be admired by her fans.

In the soap opera, Sari Nila who plays Mama Rosa is told to have two sons, namely Aldebaran (Arya Saloka and Roy (Fiki Alman).

Not only that, Mama Rosa is also told as Andin’s mother-in-law (Amanda Manopo).

No less interesting, the woman who was born on December 16, 1973 is an alumnus of the Faculty of Letters, University of Indonesia (UI).

Sari Nila is the partner of Iman Zakarias. They married and produced two children, namely Gavin Mahesa and Queen.

Sari Nila’s career journey;

Apparently, Sari Nila is a famous master of ceremonies alias MC.

In addition to acting, he often appears at a number of luxury weddings or fashion festivals.

Sari Nila is also often the MC for official events attended by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

Sari Nila’s experience as MC for presidential events she often shares on her personal Instagram account.

Before taking part as an MC, Sari Nila used to be known as a model of the 90s.

After stopping in the modeling world, the owner’s full name Sari Nila Warsono several years ago founded a consulting company in the field of fashion and lifestyle.

Furthermore, Sari Nila once dreamed of becoming an archaeologist. At that time, he was selling bagels.

Sari Nila works alone. Together with three colleagues who are alumni of the Faculty of Letters, University of Indonesia, they have been in the bagel business since February 2011.***

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