Luna Maya’s Confession is Married and Has Children

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Luna Maya recently gave a surprising confession. This recognition was conveyed by Luna Maya when filling out content on her YouTube Channel. In his confession, Luna Maya claimed to be married.

Not only that, Luna Maya also admitted that she had children and a husband. This confession left many people shocked and astonished.

“So all this time I have had children and a husband,” said Luna Maya on TS Media.

“Married so actually?” asked one of his colleagues.

Luna Maya also immediately nodded when the statement was delivered. He said he had been hiding it all this time.

“Yes (already married and this is her husband)” said Luna Maya.

But it turns out that this is only in the latest film. There were Tora Sudiro, Jihan Almira and Krisjina Baharudin who became Luna Maya’s small family.

“This is my family,” said Luna Maya, laughing.

“I’m also dizzy if Luna is here admitting that I’m her husband, coming home and fighting with me,” said Tora Sudiro.

“Yes, in the film,” explained Luna Maya, laughing.

Luna Maya has recently been in the spotlight because of the initials she uploaded on Instagram. Many claim to be curious about what initials Luna Maya is referring to.

After breaking up with Reino Barack, Luna Maya doesn’t have a lover anymore. Luna Maya has also been rumored to be in a relationship with a Korean man. Because of their closeness, the two are called dating.

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