Dewi Perssik accepts the loss of wealth for the sake of Angga Wijaya

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Dewi Perssik seems to be fed up with Angga.

Because all this time Dewi Persik was the one who supported the unemployed Angga.

Regarding what she got from Angga, Dewi hinted at Nil.

In fact, it was Depe who had to accept the actual loss.

“I’ve never gotten anything, business is an existing business. Indeed, before I met him, with Mas Angga, I already had a business,” said Depe as quoted from TRANS TV’s ‘Pagi-Pagi Ambyar’, Monday (27 /6/2022) morning.

Depe will also give Angga this treasure if his husband asks for it.

“So in your opinion, if for example he asks for a lot of money, will there be a division of things?” asked Rian Ibrahim.

“Don’t ask for miscellaneous treasures, from the first whatever he wanted me to give. Do you want to ask for my treasure again? Then just write it down, is that the result of you? If you ask, I will give it,” he explained.

Depe feels heavy now that he has been sued for divorce.

“He once said that ‘I will never take money from you’,” he said.

“Because for me, I just live God’s scenario. It’s really hard to be me,” he said.

“Morning, afternoon, evening I work, unless I have an affair. Unless I play a boy, I just leave the house, he knows and he always comes,” explained Dewi Perssik.

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