Canopy Trail Cikaniki Bogor : Enjoying the Green Natural Panorama from the Height of the Bridge

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Canopy Trail Bogor
– With the characteristic or character of the Gunung Gede national park as a tropical rain forest, many unique and interesting things can be explored here. But one of the interesting spots that must be explored is the Canopy Trail.

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The canopy trail is a suspension bridge that stretches for 130 meters. The end of the Canopy Trail itself is Curug Ciwalen.

Canopy Trail Bogor
Photo by Umashanti89

Being able to explore the forest from above is a memorable experience like no other. But the sensation experienced by testing the Canopy Trail is even more stunning and memorable.

Walking on this suspension bridge, which sways every foot step by step, the impression you get will not be forgotten, it may be hard for you to forget because the sensation is so adrenaline rushing.

Canopy Trail Bogor
Photo by Faizalramadhand

Not only that, you will enjoy the cool air and the cold air temperature in this tourist spot. The canopy trail is a unique spot that you must explore and explore.

Canopy Trail Bogor

Entrance Ticket: IDR 40. 000
Location: Mandalawangi PTN Resort, Cibodas climbing entrance, West Java
Operating hours: Saturday& Sunday at 09. 00, 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00

Canopy Trail Bogor Attractions

Canopy Trail Bogor
Photo by Muchamad Iqbal Arief

Your adrenaline will be tested when doing an adventure tour on the Halimun canopy bridge. The canopy trail is a canopy bridge that crosses between large green trees, and has a length of approximately 100 m, and a height of 20-25 m and has a width of approximately 0.6 m.

Canopy Trail Bogor
Photo by Zul Isnaendy1

The tree bridge, which is approximately 200 m from the Cikaniki research station, was originally built for the purpose of researching animals and plants in this forest.

Canopy Trail Bogor

Photo by Canopy Trail Cikaniki Bogor

Canopy Trail Bogor

Photo by Ari Nur Rahman

Canopy Trail Bogor

Photo by Aris Widiatmoko

When located on the canopy trail at an altitude of +25 m above the surface, the cool and fresh wind also accompanies the rhythm of the slowly swinging bridge. While racing with adrenaline, we can observe at close range the canopy stretch of Altingiaceae stands that form a continuous upper stratum.

Canopy Trail Bogor
Photo by Zul Isnaendy

That’s part of the way to experience adventure tourism in its charm with panoramic views of the tropical rain forest from a height by climbing the canopy trail in Cikaniki.

Thus a brief explanation of “Canopy Trail Cikaniki Bogor: Enjoying the Green Natural Panorama from the Height of the Bridge” don’t forget to add this tour to your vacation recreation list when visiting Bogor!


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