Bogor Country Waterfall: Tourist Attractions, Entrance Tickets and Access to the Location

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Bogor Country Waterfall Waterfalls are a natural phenomenon that is so incredibly beautiful. But when the flow of water falls down the cubicle of a beautiful and exotic cliff, I don’t know what words, especially those that can describe the beauty of the waterfall itself.

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At Country Falls, or commonly known as Mini Niagara, you can experience this natural phenomenon that is so captivating and mesmerizing. The flow of water from the top of the cliff is not very big and swift, creating a very impressive natural panorama.

Bogor Country Waterfall
Photo by Ekolistiono10, Yoedha13

Cool again, nature also presents some instagramable photo spots for simply taking photos, either from above, to the side or especially from the front of the waterfall itself.

Bogor Country Waterfall
Photo by Sukmachmd

However, this is a warning for those of you who want to be photographed. Great vigilance must be had because this area has slippery rocks that you must be careful not to fall.

The natural panorama offered by Country Waterfall is so different from other waterfalls, because the water in this destination does not fall freely but flows through applications or steps. The water discharge is quite heavy and continues to flow throughout the year.

Bogor Country Waterfall
Entrance Ticket: IDR 10. 000 Parking: Rp.10. 000
Location: Tanjungrasa, Tanjungsari, Bogor, West Java
Hours: 08.00–16.00 WIT

Activities you can do at Country Waterfall

Bogor Country Waterfall
Photo by lili suheli

For those of you who come on vacation to Waterfall Country, the first activity you can do is swim and play in the waterfall pool. You can do this while enjoying a splash or a waterfall that flows fast and is clear and clear.

Another activity that you should not skip is taking photos to capture the moment of your activity or experience on vacation to Waterfall Country.

The Route To Lead The Location Of The Country Waterfall

Bogor Country Waterfall
Photo by ayu fatmala

Before exploring the route to this tourist destination position. You should understand the path first. If you want to visit this tourist destination, you must use a private vehicle, motorbike or car.

Why is it mandatory to use a private vehicle? Because, this waterfall tourist spot does not have access to public transportation vehicles. So it is highly recommended to use your own private vehicle.

Bogor Country Waterfall

Photo by Suyatno Bekasi

Bogor Country Waterfall

Photo by teuku noviansyah

Then, where will the route go?

It’s pretty easy to get to this tourist position. You can start from Jalan Raya Cilengsi – Jalan. Raya Jonggol, Continue towards Jalan. Search. After that you can take the path towards Jalan. Transyogi until you find the Way. Cijejetpolri which is located in Tanjungrasa.

Bogor Country Waterfall
Photo by teuku noviansyah1
When you arrive at Jalan Cijejetpolri, it means that you are close to the country waterfall tour. You can ask the local community about the position you are aiming for. If it’s still difficult, you can use the cellphone features you have, namely Google Maps.

That’s the signkat review about “Bogor Country Waterfall: Tourist Attractions, Entrance Tickets and Access to the Location” Are you ready to visit this super beautiful waterfall?


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