Wearing transparent clothes, Aunt Ernie’s pose at the beach again makes a scene: the mountain is really big

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Figure Aunt Ernie is known to often look open.

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Yes, a woman whose full name is Ernie Judojono was later called a woman who unifies the nation.

Even though she is not young anymore, Aunt Ernie has a body that is still charming.

Not without reason, Aunt Ernie is quite strict in maintaining her body shape by exercising.

This was also shown by Aunt Ernie through her personal Instagram account.

It’s only natural that Aunt Ernie’s appearance in various activities always gets praise from her fans.

Pose Aunt ErniePose Aunt Ernie (ist)

Although she is often criticized for her appearance, that doesn’t stop Aunt Ernie from posing beautifully in minimal clothes.

As recently, Aunt Ernie’s post while on the beach was again busy reaping netizen comments on Instagram.

Not only her beauty, but the appearance of Aunt Ernie wearing transparent clothes made netizens excited.

Seen in transparent clothes, Aunt Ernie looks clearly orange.

“Miss beach again,” wrote Aunt Ernie in her post, Sunday (11/28/2021).

Seen Aunt Ernie posing very sexy while lying on the beach.

Aunt Ernie revealed that she really enjoys any beach atmosphere.

“Always happy and never satisfied when playing on the beach,” he explained recently.

Aunt Ernie's Pose on the Beach
Aunt Ernie’s Pose on the Beach (special)

Suddenly, this Aunt Ernie’s post was immediately invaded by netizen comments who were fascinated by her body.

Although there are those who praise her body, there are also some netizens who fail to focus on the shape of the mountain behind Aunt Ernie at the beach.

gungersscoters: Wanna be the sand

hendi_wahyupratama: @ddy_dks the mountain behind is really beautiful huh

agakresna43: I really want to go to the beach

rido_mandala: The watermelon is big huh

ikhdam_rek: I saw a beauty of two mountains hand in hand with a beautiful beach atmosphere

Aunt Ernie Wears a Short Skirt Sitting Crossed in the Spotlight

Previously, Aunt Ernie’s sexy appearance had also succeeded in making netizens excited.

The owner, whose real name is Ernie Judojono, is relaxing in the afternoon in an open space like a park.

As usual, she wore a minimal outfit in the form of a green floral top.

He combined the top with a white mini skirt.

A pair of sunglasses perched right above Aunt Ernie’s head.

With a trendy look like a teenager, Aunt Ernie wore jewelry, namely a white necklace with two eyes.

Aunt Ernie’s sot makeup looks so flawless and exudes her beauty.

Aunt Ernie is posing sitting on a bean bag or tosca colored cushion.

Her sitting pose blatantly makes her thighs visible.

He smiled as he bared his teeth in front of the camera.

His body looks so body goals at his age which is no longer a teenager.

The red color adorned her fingernails.

“One afternoon at that time,” said Aunt Ernie on her account @himynameisernie.

No doubt the pose sitting on a bean bag also stole the attention of netizens.

The men then praised the 45-year-old woman’s charming face.

“I don’t have the mental strength to face her beauty,” said @timothy_setiaatmadja.

“The older the more beautiful,” praised @mohamadsahirin.

“Not strong,” said @kata_alfian.

“When you see this auntie, I don’t like brother’s lyrics,” said @whoam1233.

“God’s creation is really beautiful,” added @pocepoh.



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