Taman Sempur Bogor: Enjoying the Charm of Green and Various Game Rides that Spoil the Eyes

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Bogor Perfection Park

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Karogaul.com – Sempur Park in Bogor is one of the tourist destinations located in Sempur Village, Kab. Bogor, Prov. West Java.

Taman Sempur Bogor is a tourist destination that is visited by many tourists on weekdays or holidays. This destination is so beautiful and can share an exciting atmosphere with our daily activities.

Taman Sempur Bogor has a charm of beauty that is so unique and interesting to visit. It’s a pity if you are in the city of Bogor not to visit this city park tour which has this incomparable beauty.

Bogor Perfection Park
Photo by Dion Mlaku mlaku

Taman Sempur Bogor is very suitable to fill your holiday activities, especially during long holidays such as national holidays, or other holidays.

The beauty of Tanab Sempur Bogor is very suitable for all of you who are located near or at a distance to come closer to the destination of Taman Sempur Bogor.

Location of Taman Sempur Bogor

Where is Taman Sempur Bogor located? As described above, the position of Taman Sempur Bogor is in Sempur Village, Kec. Central Bogor, Kab. Bogor, Prov. West Java.

Bogor Perfection Park

Photo by Abidah Daniya Nafisah

However, if you are still unsure about the position or location of Taman Sempur, then I suggest you search by typing Taman Sempur Bogor in a google maps search. On Google maps, there will be directions where the tourist position you are looking for is.

Bogor Sempur Park Attractions

Taman Sempur Bogor is a tourist destination that you must visit because its elixir charm is second to none. The local people of the perfect area are also very friendly to local tourists or foreign tourists who visit here.

Bogor Perfection Park

Photo by Iwan Alqodrie

The city of Bogor is also popular for the beauty of its tourist attractions, one of which is Taman Sempur Bogor.

Recreational areas and Taman Sempur Bogor are one of the options for exercising in Bogor for local people, on Sundays it will be seen quite a lot of local people who are jogging in the morning exercising here.

Its position is around the Bogor Botanical Gardens, more precisely located on the north side after the Harupat Starling Trail.

The location of the landscape of Taman Sempur is lower than the highway so that if an event is being held, it will be very clearly visible from the top of the track. The naming of Sempur comes from the name of a plant called Sempur.

Bogor Perfection Park

Photo by Ardya Ardya

Bogor Perfection Park

Photo by Hafiz Udin & Iqbal Ignatus

Not only Taman Kencana, Taman Sempur is also a meeting place for the people of Bogor so it will be very crowded during holidays.

Here, too, there are quite a number of merchants selling various types of merchandise, ranging from people selling food and light snacks to people selling clothes, pants, and so on here, especially on holidays.

Some sources have reported that the name Sempur came from a name of a type of plant, he said several years ago, in this area there were a lot of trees overgrown by Sempur.

The so-called Sempur plant has a fruit that looks similar to a melon in a relatively smaller dimension, and the taste of the fruit is similar to that of a guava fruit.

Bogor Sempur Park Facilities

Taman Sempur Bogor is arguably a city park tour that has several facilities and services, including the following:

Bogor Perfection Park

Photo by Hasbul Agung

:: Vehicle Parking Zone
:: Mosque
:: Bathroom/ MCK
:: Place to stay
:: and many others

Vehicle or Transportation to Taman Sempur Bogor

For tourists from the city of Bogor, they no longer hesitate to visit this location of Taman Sempur Bogor. However, what about tourists from out of town, let alone overseas, of course they are indecisive and worried about getting lost.

But don’t be afraid for tourists outside the city of Bogor, I have a solution so you don’t get lost.

Bogor Perfection Park

Photo by Sofiamarwow

Bogor Perfection Park

Photo by Susanto Lim

Of course, what vehicle facilities do you use to travel to Taman Sempur Bogor by using a private vehicle such as: a private car or motorbike.

You can ask for directions to Taman Sempur via google maps installed on your cellphone. Because using a private vehicle will be more fun than using public transportation.

However, if you use public transportation such as universal buses or other transportation, it’s also not a big problem, because you can stop at the city or village bus stop of your destination.

After that, continue by using a motorcycle taxi or your personal vehicle to the location of this Bogor Sempur Park.

Suggestions and Tips for visiting Taman Sempur Bogor

Suggestions and guidelines before heading to Taman Sempur Bogor, you need to provide the equipment you will need.

And some extra things like a camera because you certainly want to capture the moment with your family and friends.

Bogor Perfect Park

Photo by Edhie RAHMAT

Bogor Perfect Park

Photo by Joe Suharyanto

Don’t forget to bring medical equipment (for example, soap, wet tissue, shampoo and antiseptic). Prepare also prime and physical condition as well as your vehicle so that your vacation goes easily. Take care of yourself and always be careful and conscientious.

That’s a signkat review about “Taman Sempur Bogor: Enjoying Green Charm and Various Game Rides that Spoil the Eyes” when do you guys visit this cool and beautiful place?


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