Anya Geraldine Combines Bikini and Transparent Outfit, Makes It Salting!

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Look at the style Anya Geraldine wear transparent clothes, it’s sure to make men uncomfortable. She still looks fashionable and sexy does not fade.

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Accustomed to sexy style, Anya Geraldine often gets praise from the public. Wear any model of clothes, this sexy celebrity looks very fashionable.

These five styles of Anya Geraldine wrapped in transparent clothes really steal the show. Want to know the full style? Let’s see the following article quoted from Instagram @anyageraldine:

Bikini, cover her body with a black outer

Anya orange

Anya Geraldine’s style makes her tempted when she wears a bikini. She also combined a transparent black outer, made of tulle with embroidered floral motifs. Simple but sexy!

Combine denim outfit and hot pants

Anya Geraldine is so beautiful

When combining an all-denim outfit, Anya Geraldine also looks sexy. He wears a transparent outer denim that makes him fail to focus. Even hotter, Anya Geraldine wears denim hot pants, also wears high heels with maroon shades.

Choose a transparent shirt

It's just a dream

Anya Geraldine also tried to mix semi-formal style, wrapped in a transparent polka dot shirt. She looks beautiful and charming. Her face is also calm with flawless makeup, with a contemporary digital wave hairstyle.

Hanging out beautiful, her bra peeking


Want to try a different style, Anya Geraldine wears a black transparent blouse. Then she also wears a black bra top that is clearly visible. To be cool, Anya Geraldine wears salmon pink satin pants. Even cooler, he’s wearing a hat!

Wear outer and crop top

Anya is beautiful

Her sexy looks don’t fade when Anya Geraldine wears a floral crop top that matches her dress. She also paired it with a white transparent outer, with a polka dot motif. The style is chic and sexy!


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