Pahoda Balige Hill: Looking at the panoramic beauty of Lake Toba from a height

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Pahoda Balige Hill

Read More – Lake Toba can never be denied the beauty it presents. Its beauty and beauty does not lie in one glance. Like a life adventure full of twists and turns and unpredictable, the beauty of Lake Toba also makes the eyes stunned when viewed from any direction. One of them is from Pahoda Hill in Kec. Balige Kab. Toba, North Sumatra.

The hill that holds millions of secrets of beauty is located in Lumban Silintong Village, Balige, Kab. Toba. From this hill, the beautiful view of Lake Toba also radiates quite clearly. To go to Pahoda hill, you only need about 20-30 minutes from Balige City.

Pahoda Balige Hill

Picture by Marelizcha

The beauty of this tourist destination is supported by free access to the general public. Until now, there have been no levies or levies to enter this destination and there is also no entry limit for this tour because it has not been managed commercially by the local government. Therefore, you can arrive at any time here.

Pahoda Balige Hill

Picture by nazly siregar

There are many activities that you can try when you arrive at Bukit Pahoda. Among other things, of course, making the moment into a photo or video while feeling the twilight that responds when the day is approaching the afternoon. Not only that, you can also play ball with friends or family on this Pahoda hill, because this hill has a very wide field.

Pahoda Balige Hill

Picture by Marelizcha1

But unfortunately access to this hill is still quite worrying because the graves of local residents are still not properly arranged. Although it is not a problem, but it would be nice if the position of the cemetery there is well organized.

Pahoda Hills Tours

Pahoda Balige Hill
Picture by Karolina Br Hombing

Pahoda Hill is a tourist destination that is often visited by tourists when traveling to North Sumatra. Pahoda Hill has a stretch of green grass plain with beautiful natural nuances. Not only because the hill atmosphere is beautiful, cool, and green, Pahoda hill is also close to several other tourist spots and offers other natural panoramas from Balige land, such as:

1. Lake Toba

Pahoda Balige Hill

Picture by Jhonatan Pangaribuan

Leading to Pahoda hill, every visitor will pass this large lake first. Not only that, when you are at the top of the hill, the natural panorama of the lake will also dominate the natural panorama.

2. Red Church

From the top of the hill, you will also see a red-colored church which is a very large building from the surrounding area which is quite striking. This church stands right on the edge of Lake Toba.

3. Panorama of Balige

Pahoda Balige Hill
Picture by Ari Manik

Pahoda Hill which is large and has a wide surface also offers natural views of several villages in the district. Balige.

4. Timothy Café Floating

This cafe is one of the places to eat that presents a different atmosphere because it is located above the beautiful surface of Lake Toba. The majority of the dishes served are fish, there is also Mie Gomak which is delicious.

Pahoda Balige Hill

Picture by Jernita Nina

Thus a brief review of “Bukit Pahoda Balige: Viewing the Beauty of the Panorama of Lake Toba from a Heights” Are you interested in visiting it?


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